With as much hardware as I've packed into this config, it's only a tad bit tedious fitting the back-panel on the case after each cleaning, due to the cable traffic. NO amount of pristeen cable management (other than having all flat cables) could make the process easier. Other than that, everything is a lovely compliment to itself and the surround enviroment.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

The marketing for this cooling unit promotes "liquid cooled perfection", "incredible performance" & "amazing performance".

The four star rating that I'm giving is not to debate any of those marketing points. Rather, (gigglish-sigh), the one-star short rating is only due to me wishing that the radiator was thicker and/or the fans could be daisy-chained to each other instead of having to couple the cables at the header; I know EVGA could've pulled through with these fantasies of mine.

Other than me being picky, ALL of EVGA's AIO cooling units are more than efficient with appropriate size variants for respective builds/tasks. EVGA won't come out and say who their AIO are better than, but I don't mind doing it on their behalf β€” I've owned Corsair AIO's; EVGA's are better. I've had Kraken AIO's; EVGA's are better. I gone through Fractal AIO's.... take a guess at who's are better 😈. Yes, I'm aware that other factors contribute to the performance of a component such as this: environment & region climate, placement of builds, radiator and fan assembly, etc. But I'm sticking to bare statistics here, along with personal experience w/ each product.

And if you're wondering by now, no I'm not an EVGa representative. No I'm not sponsored (though I am affiliated, not partnered, w/ EVGA). I'm simply a PC enthusiast that prefer products that are reliable, do not fail me, tend to outlive their warranties by a landslide, and have a customer-support team backing them, keen to settling any issues that end-users might have, as smoothly as possible. Therefore, I'm going to refer the reader to those companies products that I trust and depend on greatly as they have earned it from me over years and years of product usage.

If you're in the market for one yourself, the code provided below will get you 10% off any of the AIO units on the EVGA site (in addition to any sales discounts).

If you also prefer EVGA, or plan to try EVGA products for the first time, you can save up to 10% on the following listed items w/ code at checkout: WWTPL8GJK2IMS52

CPU Cooler

The CRH7L heatsink is a super versatile component! Although the cooler only has one fan included in the package, the manufacturer did not stop short of providing the mounting tools needed to affix an additional fan to the adjacent side of the fin-stack. The only reason that I'm rating the cooler one star short of excellence, is that the socket bracket mounting procedure is a bit tedious when choosing to go the route of fastening the IHS plate onto the socket brackets, having them already in-place. Rather than fastening the arm bracket to the IHS plate first, then the entire assembly onto the socket posts. The reason for this being tedious, is that if you do not align the screw threads perfectly, there's the risk of making a huge mess of the thermal interface upon further attempts to blindly align the screw threads.

These things have become very hard to find for purchase in the western markets for various reasons, hence there being little-to-no purchase-portals provided by PCpartPicker; I'll spare readers of the specifics. Where these units do tend to be found they're majorily either refurbished & sold by retailers, or sold from private owners as used from previous builds. Too may people are uncomfortable w/ buying through Ebay, either not knowing what/who to purchase from or judging and buying items based on surface images while not thoroughly inspecting the listing.

All of that being said, I'm just going to link the refurbished units that I know of over on NewEgg. The units available on Amazon are far too overpriced once taxes and shipping are factored in, compared to NewEgg.


So far, a great little circuit-city (I've always imagined the SOC to resemble cities). I don't care much for 'k' variant chips anymore, so this was the choice, with no regrets so far. Other than a cosmetic flaw with one of the RGB illumination zones located over the VRM array (hot-spotting), that I'm not losing sleep over, the lighting gives the added touch of flare one would appreciate. The bios GUI navigation is a since to work with; not much confusion finding what's needed in sub-menus.

Video Card

EVGA's 1080 Ti card variants remain viable kings amongst graphical processing units, let's make that utterly clear. The EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming Elite, even more-so.

This thing has powered various monitor setups that I've subjected it to, with no pixel left behind. However, this card is not to be confused with base EVGA 1080 ti cards, neither the factory overclocked editions. This particular unit that I have listed was only made available to select members of the registered EVGA community. While not as powerful as the KINGPiN variant, it does hold dominion over the other 1080 ti variants w/ slight advantage.

From triple 1080p displays, to dual 4K displays, to triple 2K displays, I've seen nothing but glory resulting from this cards performance through all rendering workloads & genre's/categories of games that I've played. Sadly, If you're looking for one of these cards, you're going to want cease that search. Unless you plan on willingly forking over three to two times what this card is actually worth at current msrp, you'll be faced with no other option than to go with the current architecture of GPU's. Should you want to go with a card that is similar to the 1080 ti's ability, I'd suggest the RTX 2070 ti β€” slightly faster than the 1080 ti but with similar (corrected) msrp value.

If you also prefer EVGA, or plan to try EVGA products for the first time, you can save up to 10% on the following listed items w/ code at checkout: WWTPL8GJK2IMS52

Graphics Cards


PC Cases

Power Suppliesaward-winning

CPU AIO Liquid Cooling


Audio Equippmententhusiast-voted

Try out EVGA


Over the existence of about three builds, the S340 has been glory. Other than NZXT having the bad manufacturing habit of over-tightening case screws, I've had all of my needs met with the S340. Although, when I'm ready for a new case, I'll be going with Cooler Master next. That's not to cast any shade toward NZXT. It's has more to do with the politics of commerce currently. Throughout the numerous tariff changes that affect imported resources/products, PC component/hardware manufacturers have have little-to-no options when it comes to how they will adjust to tax hikes. Most companies pass the cost difference to the consumer, other companies shoulder the tax hike(s) themselves, some are not affected due to location of establishment. I won't dive into details with NZXT's story (you can research yourself if interested), but sadly I'll have to wait for NZXT to get it together again. Hence the reason Cooler Master is looking MIGHTY sweet right about now. Not to mention that I've been wanting to build inside of Cooler Master's MB-NR600-nod since the day that it's landing page was made available!


Okay, listen to me. Impeccable key-slabs are so rare to COMPLETELY match with. THIS THING!? The Cooler Master CK552 series!?!?

Good lawd...

The one that's listed isn't the one that I have in-hand, it wasn't even listed. Which is possibly due to the specific one that I have, was part of an exclusive deal that Cooler Master cooked up with Best Buy. Nevertheless, this key-slab has been every BIT of what I've been looking for, for the past 9 years. Plug it in. Good to go! Absolutely NO need to download nor utilize the software for customization (unless you're a sucker for RGB animation). The on-board profiles can be customized AND set via key combinations ALONE. I say, BOY are options extensive, but made simple. I swear by this keyboard and it's several variants.


The G502 Lightspeed-W is the first mouse to accomplish two things pertaining to me personally: 1) First mouse to confiscate my virginity covering two aspects: a) The first mouse I've owned w/ free-spin scrollwheel technology that I've interacted with. b) The first Logitech peripheral that I've ever had hands on and owned.

In accordance w/ building the first gaming PC of mine, I've gone through the following: β€’ A chunky Microsoft productivity IR mouse β€’ Reverted to a 3-button (no scrollwheel) IBM roller-ball mouse β€’ (Upgraded?) To a 6.99usd mouse from Best Buy β€’ Razer Naga [2014] β€’ Razer Naga Chroma (RMA replacement)

Now. This mouse!? The G502 Lightspeed Wireless β€” is DOPE! Yes, I have less buttons to work w/ in comparison to what the Razer Naga line offered me. Yes, the button placement remains strange to me. But, [epic voice enabled] MONTHS OF BATTERY LIFE, on, A SINGLE CHARGE [voice echoes while fading]!

The amount of customization that this mouse and it's software offers, is just INSANELY glorious! In ADDITION to being able to save numerous profiles to the mouse's on-board memory modules. I'm not just talking about saving a few macro strings, lighting customization, DPI, poll-rate, or application launch-keys. [looks left and right slowly, leans in for a delicate whisper while making eye contact] β€” you can... lock the profiles, w/ presets places inside folders... whatever category you want… uh-huh. The goodies that come with the mouse; the weights, the USB transmitter extension/housing, the hardshell branded case are just cream, on top of baked spiced apples, on top of sweet potato pie!


The Arctis 7 has been a halo upon my cranium going on 4 years now, and OH how I have loved it. Since my purchase, SteelSeries has revised the Arctis 7 headset along with lower-end models of the Arctis product family, giving them a boost to performance potential, as well as efficiencizing the accessories included in the packaging. I WILL admit, out of the box, these things did NOT sound too hot. However, I bought them at launch. When SteelSeries had not even mad an initial feature/driver distribution package yet. With a bit of tweaking to the EQ via software, all was better. Not 100% better, but better. Once the official, initial driver/feature update was pushed live to the control software? These cans grew lips of angels inside of the ear-cups and blasted sweet nothings into my ear-canals that I loathed cutting the power to when departing from my desk for the day. Segue time! AFTER cutting the power to these cans at the end of a day (roughly working 13-18hrs, sitting in front of screens), I need not charge them. DID I charge them? From time to time, when I remembered to look over and yonder near the outlet, sure. But these suns-o-guns have JUICE! JUICE and more juice to SPARE! The most use-time I've gotten out of them in one charge was around 38hrs+. That's at max volume by-the-way, utilizing both the main "game" as well as the "chat" channel with alternate audio sources playing simultaneously. Furthermore, the dongle that used in conjunction with the headset, comes in quite clutch! Having two sources playing on a PC while being able to bring in a third audio source from any device of your choosing via hardwire, and it transmiting to the headset without interrupting, degrading, distorting, or overpowering the initial audio sources playing on the PC... it's a darn happy situation in the pantalonas of any Artics 7 owner.

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