Currently I use my PC for web searches, watching YouTube and mainly for gaming. It was built using 99% EK liquid cooling solutions and parts. There are a few bitspower connections in there, a Barrow flow meter and a temperature sensor. Fans and LEDs are controlled by a Corsair commander. This is my second PC build and first custom loop. After talking to people they had me pretty worried, I've had no issues with leaks. I only had to change cases, because of the way I wanted to build my loop I ran into issues filling the loop and installing my psu in Fractal Designs S2, which was an excellent case. It was sturdy and quiet when I was air cooling my system. I recently changed my ram to the new Dominator RGB 3600mhz C16.

Part Reviews


Love this processor, liquid cooled while running games the hottest it gets 67C maybe touches 70C.


I love Asus, but they keep disappointing me with their MB LEDs, either they're nonexistent or not properly plugged in from the factory which I read is an issue with the board. Now fully assembled and on liquid, yeah I'm going to disassemble it to plug in a header underneath the rear I/O. The bios is very simple and easy to use. Not too many changes between now and 2013.

Video Card

People give it a lot of sh**, but I love it. In BFV I actually find DXR useful and for those that griped about it not being necessary, leave me puzzled. First the complaints are it adds clarity and fidelity that we'll never notice. I love the reflections that tell me there's a blaze around the corner, so my dumb tail won't run into it. Then they add DLSS which ups the framerates, but loses some fine details. Now the complaints start again, but from the same people who started you wouldn't notice the fidelity and details. The only issue I have is that this series won't be around long.


One of the best if not the best cases on the market to date. It's roomy, all my equipment fit with no issue. If I even bothered to do any cable management, I could imagine how much space would have been left on the back side.

Power Supply

It's still kicking, I've had it since March 2014. It powered my 4770k & 780ti, then 1080 & 2080ti all 1866mhz ram. Now 9900k, 2080ti & 3600mhz ram, it actually seems to be getting a workout breaking 500watts.

Operating System

It's Windows.

Case Fan

Works great, would be perfect only it gets loud being in the bottom of the case without a radiator.

Case Fan

Love the look and how they perform.


Love it, performance it is great and the colors are amazing.


Love it, the only downside is that it doesn't work with the original K70's wrist rest.


Love it, but wish it was wireless.


Sound quality it outstanding, especially with the GSP1000. The only thing is I wish they were wireless.

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  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

What a beaut, nicely done! Very clean.

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Really epic build! 1+ but dat title creative af