I Use this build for gameing, and watching Netflix... I have a 1080p monitor right now but when I have the $ lol I plan on getting a 1440p monitor along with maybe a 2nd 1070 I don't do 4K because the monitors are expensive enough for 1440p ones alone. I do only minor overclocks with the 6700k and that's why I only have the h60, and because I thought it looks better than an air cooler. Ram I went with 16gb to give me a lot of headroom for future demands. That thought process of "future profeing" is also why I went with a 6700k instead of the 6600k (sadly the 7700k came out a few weeks later) with my motherboard I had already liked gigabyte because I used it on my past builds, but overall I thought this mid range bord was the sexist motherboard I could find... not to mention it had great features, and is a good over clocker from what I read up on (it was 180-190 when I got it) The case was the s340 because it looks damn good, and it is cheep, and I'm reusing it. The gpu is the 1070.... I wanted 1440p ultra so I didn't go for the 1060 or 480. I chose the ftw model because on new egg it was actually cheaper at the time the the SC version. (I did do the thermal pad mod) also FYI I got the noctua fan to replace the h60's stock fan and I used that stock fan to replace the s340's fan because they suck. Also I'm reusing my old psu and I plan on replaceing it later on. Also the cables are from ensourced wich coast and extra $20 or so, I plan on getting a 24 pin cable, but I'm not shure if I want to make some of the cables gold or just the combs. Overall I'm very happy with how it turned out, (except the 6700k 7700k thing) some upgrades that I plan on doing is getting that 1440p monitor, getting an h100i, replaceing the psu, replaceing the hard drive with a hybrid drive, and maybe a second 1070 and a s340 elite to hop on the glass bandwagon!

(Y'all thoughts on the build are welcome!)

Part Reviews


Gr8 CPU for gameing, nothing more I can say except I'm sad the 7700k just came out.

CPU Cooler

Good to do minor overclocks or stock frequencies and it looks better than an air cooler in my opinion, but I will probably replace it for the h100 to do more advanced over clocks.


Amazing looking mid range motherboard (it was 180-190 $) has good features and OCs well. + Uefi Bios are easy to navigate. I could have gone with the gameing 7 (it was the same price) but I thought this looked nicer, and the gameing 7 had basically the same features. I wish there had been an ultra durable 7 for z170, LIKE EVERY OTHER RELEASE!!!! Also the audio is very good.


It is very hard for me to do software so I didn't end up using this sadly because I can't figure out how to make this just to be used for Windows and the hardrive to be for everything else. I plan on copping everything I have on my hardrive including Windows to a 1tb hybrid drive, because I'm stupid. This would probably work fine if I knew how to use it, and it did get detected in the bios so 10 out of 10 if your more software intuitive then me.

Video Card

Looks good and it's quite and it is rgb and it is powerful enough for 1440p what isn't to love? My only problem is I have to do the thermal mod. But evga gives the mod for free and it really isn't that hard. And when you are already putting a PC together it isn't a nuisance. So I will give 5 stars regardless of the thermal pads because evga was very easy to deal with.


Great looking case and super easy to cable manage , although I can't really call it cable management because it really was just stuffing the extra cables in the basement and shoving the back panel in place.

Case Fan

I'm glad I got the black one, because the tan ones are ugly! It is pricey but it is super quite, I actually got the 3000 one.

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This is an amazing looking well built pc. I can see this featured.

I think the posting time putting it on the second page so quickly has slowed the upvotes, but it will get a bunch.

Thunbs up.

  • 39 months ago
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Thanks man, Means a lot to me!

  • 39 months ago
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Awesome looking build and kudos on the MAGA cap

  • 39 months ago
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Lol... thanks!

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