I built this PC on December 2, 2019. At first, there was nothing on my display and I got scared. Later, on December 4, 2019, I put case speakers into the case and it beeped once, which meant that the PC passed the POST. This is when I realized I did something so dumb. So, rewind back to when I was building it. I tried plugging my HDMI into the mobo, but then I realized the CPU did not have integrated graphics. So, I plugged it into the GPU AFTER I turned it on (remember this) and still nothing appeared. Back to Dec 4. The speaker beeped as it should. Then what I did was plug the HDMI cable into the GPU prior to turning it on, and then... there was DISPLAY! It was literally booting into the drive I saved a Windows 10 media into as well! So, I set up Windows like normal and started personalizing. As of now, January 8, 2020, it is still holding up well.

Part Reviews


This is not the most powerful CPU out there, but it did feature 8 cores/16 threads before Intel. That's a nice touch. I did overclock this to 4 GHz and disable the 4.2 GHz boost. Overall a very nice CPU. The included cooler is also very good. The CPU maintains a fair idle at around 30 degrees Celcius, and load temp is 50-60 degrees Celcius. Nice CPU overall, 4 stars.


Amazing motherboard. The BIOS is actually up to date, so I could even have put in a 3000 series Ryzen, like a Ryzen 7 3700X, but the 2700X is fine. There are a lot of options in AI Tweaker and supports more than enough RAM (64 GB) so if I wanted to upgrade my RAM, I can - by a LOT. 5 stars.


I could have opted for 16 GB of RAM, but I went for 32 GB instead - and it is WAY more than I need. It's DDR4-3200, so it's pretty fast, and CAS is 16. Usual RAM. It is anti-RGB, but it's OK because this RAM is highly reliable and suits my needs. 5 stars.


Jeez, this is FAST. I have been only using computers with HDD's in the past, and this is my first time having an SSD. Windows boot times are so quick and everything feels so snappy. Read +write speeds are amazing. 5 stars.

Video Card

My favorite part of any build is the GPU, and this GPU is INSANE. It's factory overclocked as well, so... wow. It has RGB lettering on the side, but I keep that off because I don't need it. Idle temps and load temps are fair, idle being around 30-40 degrees and loads at around 70. It works really well with my 2700X with no issues. 5 stars.


Ok, so this case is a nice ATX case for budget builds, but I put a whole powerhouse in here. That means I needed more cables, and that was the problem with the case. The USB header cables were hard to manage because of how short they are and there are no cable slot boots, which hide the cables better. It still has USB 3.0 and fit my huge 2060 Super, and fit the 120mm fans quite well. 4 stars.

Power Supply

Corsair is really good at making PSUs, so I opted for this CXM PSU. I only later found out this is the 2017 model, but I don't think it makes a difference because like the new model, it is 750W and is semi-modular, so it's good. It's 80+ Bronze certified, so I don't have to worry about this blowing up. 5 stars.

Case Fan

These fans are GREAT. Not only do they have great airflow, but they are also ASUS Aura Sync compatible, so that is a nice touch. I don't use Aura Sync for these because there is a mini fan controller that is powered by SATA, so I used the controller. These are nice and fit my MX330 case nicely. 5 stars.


This is not a gaming monitor, but it actually suits my gaming needs fine. I know it's 900p and not 1080p, but it's ok. 75Hz is more than 60Hz, so I'm not THAT held back. It's a nice monitor overall and supports both VGA and HDMI. It has built-in audio, but it's pretty crap. I have headphones so I don't need it. 4 stars.


This is the best gaming keyboard for the price. It has Outemu Blue switches and is a 60% keyboard so there is plenty of room for my mouse to roam around. It has so many effects that I'll likely never even use them all. Very responsive and reliable. 5 stars.


Dude, I've never had a mouse this good. I've had a cheap gaming mouse from Romania and then had a cheap Redragon mouse. Now I have this and tell you what, it is really good. It fits my hand perfectly, has a 1000Hz polling rate, and SOFTWARE! This is the S***. 5 stars, because I can't give it 10 stars. I would if I could.


I'm running out of words here, so I'll just say that these are nice Bluetooth headphones. Noise-cancelling, circumaural, comfy, yeah. 5 stars.

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  • 4 months ago
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For a first time build, as humorous as it is I have heard many "self error" stories that were far worse. Years ago I had a friend that had his Xbox 360 RMA'd several times only to find out that the reason why it didn't work was because he hadn't pushed the power cable into the socket in all the way.

  • 4 months ago
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ya lmao, i got so scared i literally rebuilt the pc. might have been a loose cable.