Upgrading from my dinky little early 2015 MacBook Air.

This build couldn't have been possible without my recent employment at my local Nordstrom's. I'm using it mainly for PC gaming and college work.

On the gaming side, I wanted something that would run stuff like Doom '16 at a respectable frame rate and resolution. So far I've had no trouble reaching my desired 1080/75fps threshold. I'm hoping this'll last me a few years before I invest in some upgrades again. Maybe give or take 2-3 years.

Other than what sounds like a low-whining sound coming from my graphics card (which is normal, apparently), I haven't encountered any issues whatsoever using this computer so far. I will update this entry if I encounter any.

Part Reviews


I opted to get this instead of the 3600 to save me some green. Runs like a champ so far.


The RGB's a little annoying, but it's a solid motherboard overall. Very easy to work with. This board is also Ryzen 3000 ready for those of you interested in buying the latest AMD processors.


Works as it should, no complaints.


Write speeds are very fast, probably one of the better budget 1TB SDDs.

Video Card

Managed to snag this aftermarket for a cool $300. It works fine so far, although it seems to be making some kind of low whining sound, almost like the buzz of a hair clipper.


Very easy to work with, cable management was a breeze. You can remove the HDD bays on the bottom to create more space for your PSU if need be.

Power Supply

My computer's turning on fine, so I'd say this PSU's doing a fine job so far.

Operating System

Got a free Microsoft 10 Education product key because I'm a student.

Wireless Network Adapter

Gets the job done. Nothing much else to say.

Case Fan

Keeps my rig nice and cool.


It's nothing special, but it gets the job done. Managed to snag it on eBay for about $60. It's apparently Freesync enabled, so keep that in mind if the refresh rate is a concern for you. I don't have any series complaints aside from some minor ghosting I noticed while using Discord.


Feels very sturdy. It took some getting used to as a longtime user of membrane keyboards, but before long I was well on my way to clicky keyboard heaven. Get this if you don't wanna burn a hole through your wallet buying peripherals.


Very good for the price. Feels very responsive and fits in my hand well.


Managed to snag this on sale. The sound quality's great, while the headphones themselves feel very snug around my absurdly big head.

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  • 3 months ago
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good job. I think your 2nd gen ryzen will do just fine crushing the latest games