I built this PC for gaming and it works amazingly well. Even though people say the 2400G is outdated, it can easily get 60 fps in most games. I overclocked my ram to 3000 stable from 2400 stock. I'll be adding another ram stick too in a few weeks. The stock cooler with Ryzen CPUs is actually really good, my temps are 26-27 C idle and never get above 50-55 C. Tip: don't forget to put the 4 little wires on the bottom-right of the motherboard in specific places. I didn't know you had to put them not just anywhere.

Edit: Added a new RAM stick, it helps when I have several things open at once or something that can use a lot of RAM like Minecraft

Edit: Added the RX 5500XT, I'm really happy with the performance i'm getting now compared to Vega 11

Part Reviews


Absolutely fantastic. Easily gets 60 FPS on most games even though people say it's outdated.

Thermal Compound

Works great and was cheap. Use the pea method for CPU and GPU.


This is an extremely cheap board, but there are no issues whatsoever with it.


Easy to OC, and stable as long as you don't try to do some insane speeds that it can't handle, mas speed it can do is 3166


The speeds on this are insane, although i am used to HDD speeds. Windows boots in about 7 seconds.

Video Card

Affordable, fast, doesn't have as many issues as over Navi cards driver-wise as of driver version 20.2.2. I can play Warthunder at 4K with everything except SSAA on at 60 fps.


This case is perfect in every way.

Power Supply

It works, but it's loud and has stiff ketchup and mustard cables.


Fits in my hand perfectly, accurate, great software unlike my old Razer mouse that used Synapse (ew)


Super comfortable and great sound.

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