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Pre-Destiny 2 Ryzen 301

by lolkrayd


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Date Published

Sept. 29, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.6 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.556 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

11 GHz


Just a bit of an update to the previous build. After playing the beta, I've decided to do a little bit of an upgrade.

Part Changes Motherboard: Gigabyte B350m itx -> Asrock X370 itx

CPU Cooler: ShadowRock LP -> NZXT Kraken x52

Case: Lian-Li PC Q10 -> InWin 301 Black

GPU: Gtx 1070 FE -> Gtx 1080ti SC2

Monitor: Acer 1440p 25inch ips + 1080p Asus TN monitor -> Asus PG279Q + Asus MG279Q

Fans: Misc/stock fans -> Corsair ML120 Pro White LED + BeQuiet SilentWings 3 120mm

Mouse: Razer Chroma Naga -> Razer Chroma Naga Epic

New: Crucial MX300 M.2.

Why the changes?

Motherboard: The Gigabyte layout proved to be too much of a hassle in the Lian-Li case. VRM temps bothered me. Before someone jumps at my throat... Yes it was within specifications. The VRMs are the IR3556 for those curious. Datasheet doesn't specify max temps but if its anything like its previous predecessors(IR3551) it will be somewhere between 125c-150c.

Cons of this motherboard is those mosfets on top near the heatsink brackets. It WILL block some am4 kits.

Case: I did like the Lian-Li case at first but it felt really cheap. The edges are also fairly sharp and it snag and tore a couple of things. I no longer leave my tower on my desk but have it on an end table shelf now. Because there was a bit of room on the shelf, I've decided to increase the size a bit since it is easier to work with and the InWin 301 was a fairly small matx case.

Beautiful case but it lacks cable management like many reviewers mentioned. You can be a bit creative and have some wires go underneath your motherboard but depending on which cable you're routing it can be problematic when closing the side panel. If you're using an SFX psu it also allows you to route some cables from the top as well. Unless you absolutely need to, I would just route the sata cables under the motherboard to avoid breaking the plastic tabs.

GPU: I just wanted a gtx 1080ti and something that can handle 144hz at 1440p better.

The 1080ti SC2 from EVGA was a perfect fit to the lighting in the case. Matches the fans, cooler, and ram lighting perfectly. Runs significantly quieter under load and fans do not spin unless it hits a certain temp.

Cpu Cooler: It was a toss up between the BeQuiet Darkrock TF and this. The time it takes to get the AM4 bracket was the deal breaker. Am I glad I got the Kraken x52? Not really... awhile the mirror is nice, I had to get 2 replacements before the 3rd one worked. Started with grinding noises after a week of usage and the 2nd one had every single screw bent. NZXT could not provide a replacement, but luckily Amazon was able to do so. If my ram was a bit shorter I would have easily gone with the BeQuiet cooler despite how much I despise the method they use to hold the fans.

Monitors: I decided to retire my 1080p that was about 7 years old and decided to get the PG279Q because I've gotten the 1080 ti. Then an annoying problem occurred where the PG279Q would be locked at whatever fps youtube would be at if I played a video on the 60hz montior. It would be resolved if I played fullscreen, but reduce any form of multitasking if I wanted to play a game and watch a video. So that Acer monitor got replaced shortly with the MG279Q.

Is Gsync worth it? For me, not really. Its probably the games I play. Made GTA5 a lot smoother, but that could have been because of the 144hz. Wow ran a fair bit smoother on the Gsync monitor than the Freesync monitor so yes there was some difference. No I don't raid or do anything crazy in WoW so my fps was consistently good.

Mouse: Had to go through a RMA with Razer and after a bit of convincing they agreed and upgrade it to an epic since they were out of the regular chroma nagas. Battery life is about 10hours? I didn't really put an effort to test the span. Logo doesn't light up anymore so that's a bummer.

Fans: ML120 are quiet at low rpm and loud once you get passed 50% but definitely pushes a ton of air then. The Silentwing fans are used as radiator fans since they move a bit more air at comparable RPMs.

Storage: Added the Crucial Mx300 M.2. with the intention of using it for Linux or Mac, but ended up storing all my games on it. Oops... Though before switching to this case, I constantly ran into thermal throttling on this SSD since it got passed 70c. Either the comb vents helped or the intake fan below manage to push some air to cool it.

Regrets: Fractal Design released their TG edition matx cases not long after I got the case. I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning the case since I've finally settled. I made a mistake when ordering my sleeved cables as well. Forgot to change the colors to white oops.


Your cable management for your desk sucks:

Yes it does, the only thing I can say in my defense is, I shift a lot of things around often so things get unplugged a lot so after awhile I just got tired of trying.

You had white cables in some of those pictures?

They were extensions, I had lying around and was just testing functionality before using it in a build for a customer.

Does the uneven monitor bother you?

Yes, yes it does. The PG279Q is has thinner bezels and vesa mounting location is lower on the PG279Q.

Does having one Gsync and one FreeSync monitor cause any performance lost?

No. The freesync monitor in my build is just a glorified 144hz monitor since I can't make use of it.

I wish all of you the best of luck when buying these high refresh rate ips panel monitors. I lucked out with the PG279Q and got one that was just perfect. The MG279Q free sync monitor didn't do so well. But after a 2nd trip back to Frys, I got one that was perfect.

Part Reviews


If you are planning to use your own cooler and just want a ryzen chip that is good out of the box without overclocking, this is your chip. Just remember that this chip will run a bit hotter be weary of all your components and not just the temps on this cpu.

CPU Cooler


Amazing style on the pump. The customization is great as well! Decent cooling even on silent profile. Temps are good even with the profile I am using since I leave my computer on 24/7


For the cost, this was very expensive compared to the h100i. Seems like whoever manufactured NZXT kraken x52 had problems since one of the main complaints was it failing fairly quickly. The first unit was already showing signs of failure after a week of usage. High temps, grinding noise, pump randomly stuck at max speed even when temp was under 50 (both liquid and cpu temp). 2nd unit was just bad Quality Control since the screws were all bent despite packaging being good. Luckily the 3rd unit was perfect and has been working great for a few weeks now.

Good thing Amazon had great customer service otherwise NZXT would not be able to honor the 10 year warranty these things have. They were out of stock of the x52 and did not know when they would have more in stock.

If you get a working one its a good product if you are willing to pay more for aesthetic.



Great board especially if you need all the sata + m.2. connectors and if you need inifinity frabic for a itx form factor.


The wifi antenna that the x370 had. Mine was not functional and it was due to the cables not being soldiered correctly. Its not a big deal for me as the Asus antenna happen to work just fine. I needed the bluetooth for my headphones and it wouldn't work that well without the antennas.

Other then that...

I can't really ding them for using red color scheme since its their fatility line up. But I wished they were color neutral.

Also cannot truly ding them on their mosfet locations since some manufacturer have am4 brackets that fit just fine.


Was able to reach 2933Mhz with the specifications listed. The white LED matches a lot of the white lights from other products.

By default they should be set to breathing, I believe you can change it with Corsair Link.

Video Card

Very quiet even under load. Like most of the better coolers, the fan do not spin unless it reaches a certain temps.

Unless you're computer is right next to you, the cooler used is very quiet.



Tinted tempered glass, the front fan bracket, very minimalist look, and feels like a premium case with the steel.


Requires a bit of creativity for cable management. Plastic covers on the bottom... I rather not have them. No option to turn off LEDs unless you want it unplugged.

Comments: A SFX psu is ideal for this case since it gives you a bit more cable management. You're paying for looks rather then functionality. It does get a little toasty in this case compared to others within this price range. Manufacturer designed it with intake coming from the bottom and everything else as exhaust.

Case Fan

PWM... White Leds... Often goes on sale...

This 120 mm can push a ton of air or it can really silent

The lighting also fits with a ton of products on the market

Case Fan

One of the more quiet fans that is able to push a lot of air when compared at similar RPMs.

Though it does come with rather unique corners.


Minimalistic TKL keyboard with a detachable micro usb, fairly bright lights on each keys, and mechanical for a reasonable price.

The only cons I have with this was, to control the LEDs without the software. It took a little to understand how to use it.


I hated this mouse at first because it was constantly stuttering.

But after tinkering around with razer software, I was able to reduced/remove the stuttering by increasing polling to 1000.

It is a wireless version of the naga chroma which is a fine mouse.


Amazing noise canceling and sound quality and wireless!

However you cannot use this when its charging.

If you intend on using this as a headset, be prepared to be disappointed as the sound quality would be extremely poor. Recommend you pick up a microphone.

I also do not recommend you use this for competitive gaming as there is a small delay.

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SwiftSeb 6 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

i love your pc, alot, too much, im going to buy one, wow, thanks. :D no joking.

FurryJackman 2 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

Liking the wallpaper, though they don't really time travel because they'd be arrested and put in time prison...

Added the Crucial Mx300 M.2. with the intention of using it for Linux or Mac, but ended up storing all my games on it. Oops...

Mac OS requires a Clover patch just to get it running on Ryzen (requires a even more custom installation USB compared to standard OSX installation methods) so it being on a separate drive actually works out in the end cause you don't want to mess up your EFI folder on your primary drive.

Yognaught_Ace 2 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

Nice build

PS love the background

TheMuffStuff 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Where are the fans for the rad. In front of them on the other side of the bracket?

lolkrayd submitter 3 Builds 1 point 15 months ago


palthedog 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

I have a question about the PSU. Are you using a Universal ATX to SFX Power Supply Adapter Bracket?

lolkrayd submitter 3 Builds 1 point 7 months ago

Yes, though using a sfx psu will leave a fairly a gap in the upper chamber.

PolarBearsHD 1 Build 0 points 16 months ago

I'm very confused as to why you are pairing a 1600x with a 1080ti. Why not at least a 1700x? Great PC, nonetheless.

lolkrayd submitter 3 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

First reason was the original build had a gtx 1070 in it.

Second reason during the upgrade process, coffee lake news was popping up like crazy and I was hoping prices will drop more so before Christmas time.

Third reason, I'm trying to justify getting it as I will not make use of the extra cores, as the work I do no longer allows me to do it from home outside of office work like Microsoft Office Suite and I hardly play games that will utilize all of the cores. Most of the games I play seems to utilize 4 cores and have diminishing returns with any more. So to me the 2 extra cores the Ryzen 1600x had over my i7 4770k gave me just enough to multitask when there is a game running.

But I been itching to grab the ryzen 7 1700 and do a modest overclock on it.

PolarBearsHD 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Oh okay. Sounds good. Coffee-Lake might release on October 5th. It was reportedly leaked by some German website.

EDIT: Coffee Lake's release date was confirmed by Intel, it's October 5th. Can't wait.