Oh man, where do I start. For this price... unbelievable...

Ok so basically its good runs games really really well, can play basically any game at highest settings out there on 1080p with 60fps, (some games even on gtx 1080 cards will get like 57 fps average on some games, depends on cpu) Works really well and the storage parts of budget could be used for SSD boot and 1tb 7200 rpm game storage or something, legit would recommend this build to anyone not needing to buy a $1000 pc, obviously the build isnt "cheap" but for a regular pc it is cheap for a pc, yet it works well for gaming. TOOK MY SON 2 and a half hours to build it, it was his first time ever building, first time touching a procesor, first time touching powersupply out of a case, first time touching cpu cooler, first time touching gpu, first time touching a case that is possible to build in, first time touching hard drive cages, basically everything but a hard drive and ram, first time installing hard drive and ram though, and he got it first try. theres installation discs with the motherboard and gpu which helped him alot, he did it by himself and only use of youtube while building was for the processor alignment, where the arrow goes, he was only 10 years old and honestly that really amazed me,


Reviews removed from here as it is first time posting a completed build/build guide on here.

Part Reviews


CPU/Processor: 6 cores fast multi threading can overclock pretty well very good cpu cooler, would use again, 28C lowest 60-68C highest, cant hear the fan at all 5/5

Thermal Compound

Using this as my backup for now, probably will come in handy when I add a cpu cooler that isnt pre applied thermal paste, got this as a just incase i have to reapply


I like it had a freezing error one day (11/24/2018) fixed by disabling HDCP in gpu settings with the fans running auto on the gpu, the temps can hit like 70C on the gpu which i dont like, i recommend using afterburner or some GPU overclocking software to set GPU fans to something like 50-100%


AMD Compatible :) didnt die from sitting in a regular letter envelope for 2-3 months touched those gold thingies so many times even on carpet oopsies, also didnt die works 100% well


yes. good ssd better but still very good


old hard drive scrapped from dell optiplex 3010 used as boot drive, windows not being reinstalled windows activation watermark is not that big honestly and some things even cover it, like league of legends, covers that watermark

Video Card

league of legends fullscreen 1920x1080 covers that watermark for windows unactivated

runs fortnit 60fps smooth highest settings, with/without motionblur looks cool cheap for a gpu that works so well fans only loud at 80-100% speed (using afterburner) auto not recommended,

USE AFTERBURNER AND SET YOUR FAN SPEEDS FROM 50-100% WHILE PLAYING GAMES, TRY TO KEEP TEMPS UNDER 60C, ITS MORE COMFORTABLE THAT WAY leaving it on auto is fine but hot temps can bring heat out of the case and/or make people feel uncomfortable that their gpu is at something like 78C with auto fans 100% fanspeed is not loud though... but u can hear it

EDIT: After attempting to overclock, not having experience with it made it a bit difficult, not many people have this card so finding good oc values is unheard of unless someone makes a guide on this card,it doesnt need to be OC for good fps in most games highest settings, but demanding games might be under 60 highest settings


my finger printies didnt stay on this thing when i took it off for my son and when i peeled off the plastic cover on it amazing cable management, quiet af case fans OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:


no matter the alignment the cables will be perfectly fine sitting in a 5.25" bay or just on the bottom of the case 4/5 because for some reason not listen on partpicker...?

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  • 13 months ago
  • 2 points

I would've gone with one of the seagate barracuda's at 7200 rpm and 2tb capacity, they're somewhere around the price of the firecuda, and I woud've put a 970 evo 250gb for fast boots. I also would've gotten a cheap pair of 4gb ddr4 3000 sticks for dual channel and infinity fabric goodness. Everything else looks great, i've been thinking about building something like this for a while with probably a 2600 and a 590.

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Great build

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

built it for someone else and tested it personally, i own high end hardware but honestly under $600 for this performance yet prebuilt 1050 ti has $700-1000

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

so which hardrive is the boot drive ;)

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

lesser in gb