This is the third generation of my gaming PC, but the first to find its way onto PCPartPicker. I started gaming on a laptop in 2014, built my first PC in 2015, and have been constantly building since. This PC was built primarily as an upgrade from my previous machine, in an attempt to run Escape From Tarkov and other higher end games at 2k 100hz (Previous PC had RX 580 8GB).

The CPU cooler, Ram, SSD, and hard drive were carried over from my last build. I got a new case, motherboard, cpu, and graphics cards for this build. I am incredibly happy with the performance, and while I am (for now) air cooling my GPUs and ram, temps are fairly reasonable and noise is a low hum. I bought the GPU's for $650 each for myself on my birthday (Early January). Little did I know this gift would increase so rapidly in price ;).

PCPP does not have my monitor for some reason, so I picked the closest alternative (I have the VioTek GN34C, 34" 2k @ 100hz)

Future upgrades:

 Custom Cables - Because of the open back of my case, it is really impossible to hide cables. I want to custom sleeve cables, which seems fairly straightforward (if time-consuming). This also solves the fact I have to invert my PSU because the CPU cable is not quite long enough.

 Liquid Cooling loop - I don't have $500+ to spend on a custom loop right now, but I think this PC would look sick with a hardline loop and orange fluid.

 Utilize m.2 ports - This motherboard has 3 m.2 ports, which (if I was not broke) would eliminate the need for a bulky 2tb HDD. $200 per TB seems pretty steep to me at the moment, so this may not happen soon.

 GPU backplates - I would like to 3d print a set of GPU backplates, just have to convince my school that it is educational ;)

EDIT I sold one of the 1080 ti's, for $890 ($845 after fees) on eBay. Decided I did not need 2 of them, and the price was insanely high for what I paid for them :0

Part Reviews


Happy to see core count increasing with 8th gen CPU's. Overclocks to 5GHZ easily.

CPU Cooler

Have had this CPU cooler for years, still works great. And I bought it used :0

Thermal Compound

Does its job, helps keep CPU temps down @ 5GHZ


This motherboard has pretty much everything. Easy overclocking, active VRM cooling (which I cannot hear), all the RGB, etc... Wish it had built in WIFI, I personally don't like the look of having a wifi card.


The second best thing to ever happen to my PC (behind SLI 1080 ti's)

Video Card

Bought this model back when I could get them for $650 apiece. They were the cheapest, but still work great. Cooling is surprisingly good for such a cheap card, and its a 1080 ti. I would like to upgrade to liquid cooling, but be warned nobody in the US sells a waterblock for this card. They are ~$100 with free shipping from China via Alibaba (but hey they are RGB).


I have mixed feelings about this case. Assembling the case is easy enough if you have an online guide, the black and white instructions it ships with don't help a lot. It feels extremely wobbly until the tempered glass is installed, which can be scary while building in. The case is HEAVY. Just over 34 lbs shipped, and it is fairly large. The box was close to 4 feet tall (will edit with exact height). You will want to have a screwdriver with flat and Phillips bits.

Because of the angle of the motherboard, cable lengths are not going to fit very well. I had to use one of my spare fan hubs for my fans to even reach the motherboard slot, and my CPU cable did not reach in the default PSU orientation.

Cable management was very difficult because of the clear back, which still does not look nearly as clean as I would like. I am definitely going to be custom sleeving my own cables, but I need to get a pair of crimpers for 16 gauge wire and the other necessary parts. This wil also allow me to make my CPU cable longer.

My understanding is that it is impossible to mount a 3.5" drive and do a water cooling loop, so I need to get an m.2 SSD or nvme that is 1T+ (hurry up and make these cheap Samsung/WD).

I know its a small thing, but I was disappointed that the case did not come with thumb screws for mounting PCI-E devices. Had to steal some off one of my other cases, and at the $250 price point this case should for sure include thumb screws.

TLDR; Premium case that is definitely not for beginners. The case looks epic but cable management is tough and instructions could be better. Bring your own thumb screws.


I don't have this exact monitor, I have the larger version, the GN34C. 2K 34" monitor at 100hz for $500? Sounds good to me. Bought it on eBay, pleasantly surprised at the quality of the display. My previous display was 144hz, and while I occasionally notice the difference it appears the difference between 60 and 100 is much bigger than the difference between 100 and 144. I don't notice any screen tearing, despite lacking g-sync.

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Nice build I love any builds with orange xD