Great pc for entry level gaming at medium/high Settings for 60fps on majority of titles, but not good for content creation and editing when compared to Ryzen 5 at the same pricepoint. Please note that the i5, H60, RAM, WD HDD and Win 10 came as a package deal for $200.99, so this is actual build cost.

This build was to compare it against the Ryzen 5 and the FX 6300; as well as the GTX 680 vs GTX 770 - 2Gb.

Results CPU: Upgrade path of the Skylake/Kaby Lake build is much better than the FX build, but the OC'd FX 6300 (4.0Ghz) performed better in gaming (fps only) for me. The Ryzen 5 1600x outperforms both easily but at a higher cost. Cost: FX6300-79.99; i5-6402p-120.99; Ryzen 5 1600x-189.99.

Results GPU: For starters, I know these are older GPUs but they perform on par with GTX 1050 and even 1050ti in my personal experience. So this is strictly cost effective GPU comparisons since the 680 and 770 can be found on eBay and sometimes Amazon for less than the 1050/1050ti.

The evga gtx 680 2gb had better performance in gaming (fps only) but only by 4-8 fps. The MSI twin frozr 770 also needed more wattage 550w for 680 vs 600W for 770. Pricing was close with $75 vs $83.50 for the 680 and 770 respectively.

All in all they're fun builds for a beginner on a budget of $250-350. The pricing on FX has gone down significantly if you're wanting to have a cheap build but I recommend Ryzen or Intel 8th gen if you can afford the $450 and up range.

As for components, everything is great. The only issues I found were with the DVD drive which i'd prefer to have been black instead of gray and the case wasn't that great on cable management.

Part Reviews


At the price point for buying one of these cpus, there are cheaper options that are better to go with like the i3 8100 if you like intel or the Ryzen 3/5.

Performance wise, my FX-6300 overclocked to 4Ghz performed better in gaming for me.

Overall if you get it at a good price or as a bundle deal like I did then go with it.

CPU Cooler

Excellent AIO cooler in a bundle build and mine if quieter than the Hyper 212evo.

Cooling is only 2 degrees cooler than my 212 though, so that is my markdown to 4star. At double the price of an air cooler I can't recommend buying this part unless its for aesthetics or case clearance.


Fun board to work with and my first Asrock experience. The Bios and UEFI were simple and easy to use despite this not being an unlocked cpu I still had fun tweaking the ram.


Decent overclocker! I managed to get it to 2933 without any issues.

Video Card

Good used card for the money and better than the GTX 1050 and in some cases even the 1050ti, but it wasn't as good at the GTX 680 in my personal opinion. Gaming only lagged by a few fps compared to the 680.


Great case for the money, but it's not the best on cable management.

Power Supply

Great budget psu!!! I wish it was modular but for 10-15 dollars more you can get a modular one. It has run a 6+6 680 and 6+8 pin 770 with no issue whatsoever.

Optical Drive

Part is as advertised, but the noise level was a little disappointing.

Operating System

At just a little money more, it's better to go for the Win 10 Pro in my experience.

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