This have been a long build to complete. I started a year ago, and now I'm here. This is my first build ever. I managed to have some really good pricing on some items, working in retail store and participating in Intel's training program. The cable management is bad (really) but it is a pain to build in this case. I plan on changing case anytime soon. But hey, it works, and good!

Part Reviews


Great for megatasking, gaming is neat. What more can I say

CPU Cooler

Very good CPU cooler. Not supposed to fit in my case, but hey, it did work. Didn't manage to make the custom lightning to work when user is not logged in...


Cheap, reliable, and Z370. That's good...!


Should have wait a bit for it's price to drop, but well... Works good


Was free so... Works good


That's a SSD... Not the best, but performs well.

Video Card

For what I paid, this perform just so good. Kind of quiet, get loud on duty but does it's job very well...!!


OK case, cable management is a nightmare but it looks good.

Power Supply

Good PSU. Gold and fully modular, that's perfect.


Good monitor for it's price. 75 Hz is okay.


I love this keyboard.


I love ROG Hardware. Does not feel cheap, replaceable switch/cord. This is great.


Mic is horrible, but sound is great.

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  • 10 months ago
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The cable management is bad (really) but it is a pain to build in this case.

I was very surprised by this, I just completed a build with this case and thought it had amazing routes and cutouts.

Are you still using the case or did you replace?

  • 10 months ago
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Well it's mostly that my build should be in a full tower I think, and this is a mid tower. And also that I built this rig over a year. I changed MB 2 times, PSU 1 time, GPU 1 time, without starting over. Maybe if I get everything off and start over, I would be able to do better cable management..