This build is based in Singapore. I tried to source for the cheapest components I could find for this build. None of the items here are bought at full retail price. It took me 2 months to track 4 websites to find a great bargain. On average every component is about 10% discounted from its retail price.

I am pretty proud of this build because including a decent gaming monitor, wireless keyboard, mouse and monitor arm I spent about $2300 SGD or $1675 USD

Also, I would like to introduce to you guys the gaming monitor I bought.

Acer XV272U P QHD 144hz this monitor is barely reviewed and I think it's pretty underrated. It is absolutely amazing for its price. It runs at 1440p 144hz with 1ms MPRT (I tested this myself) and 4ms GTG and is G-sync and free-sync compatible. The stand can swivel, tilt and is height adjustable. It has a built-in USB hub with 4 USB 3.0 ports on the monitor. Not to mention that it comes color calibrated at an average Delta E < 2 (according to my calibration report mine comes in at average delta E of 0.4). All at the price of $316 USD or $440 SGD.

let me know what you think about my first build. I could certainly work on the cable management aspect of it a little better.

Part Reviews


Pretty standard stuff.

CPU Cooler

This CPU cooler performs really well. Brings down my CPU temperature by 5-10 degrees when compared to the stock cooler. Really cheap in my region as it cost only $34 SGD or $25 USD. Some users complain that it is a little loud. One way to fix this is to tune your fan curve. Asus Bios has an automated fan tuning function. I used it and now I can barely hear the fans.


Really love this motherboard. The RGB lighting is a nice touch and it has crash free bios and comes with high speed wifi and bluetooth 5.0.


Cheapest DDR4 3200Mhz I could find in my region. The D.C.O.P profile works super well with my Ryzen 5 3600 system. A performance boost of ~10% is observed when I turn on D.C.O.P (cinebench, geekbench)


This is the cheapest NVME SSD I have seen. Although it's probably about 2/3 of the speed of a Samsung NVME the price is only 1/3 of Samsung's NVME. Still pretty fast IMO. Got the 1tb version instead of the indicated 512 because PC partpicker do not have that option. $151 SGD/ $108USD

Video Card

Awesome card. In my region it is about 10% cheaper than big name brands such as Asus, EVGA or MSI. Pretty much performs the same.

Power Supply

It's really silent. So silent that you might hear the coil whine more than the fan on this PSU. It also comes with a no-fan mode that uses passive cooling to cool the component instead.

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