A new rig that I made with parts from a Dell Optiplex 9020 business class computer, minus all of Dell's godawful proprietary parts. This was pretty much all done to be able to upgrade my GPU and hard drive space.

The Dell ran Skyrim at about 40 FPS on medium, and the new one never goes below 60 FPS on ultimate.

The only problems were that the motherboard didn't have any on-board USB-3 ports for the case, and that the CPU cooler was a bit hard to install.

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  • 68 months ago
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+1 for awesome cable management! :)

  • 68 months ago
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lol :)

  • 68 months ago
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  • 58 months ago
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Looks like a fire hazard to me

  • 41 months ago
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Did you need to buy another windows key since its an oem version