This was my first ever completed PC build inspired by youtubers who created a similar build (Austin Evans, Joey Delgado, etc). I felt like I didn't need to go too crazy with this one as I am new to PC gaming. The processor is Intel Pentium G4600, the reason I used this one instead of the G4560 is because the G4560 was out of stock at the time. Motherboard is the MSI B250M Pro-VD, a pretty simple motherboard nothing too crazy, can't overclock it unfortunately but a lot of upgrades can be made with the skylake and kaby lake chipsets. It is a micro atx motherboard that supports m.2 ssd's which is really nice. The ram I used was 8gb ddr4 at 2133mhz, I went with this ram as opposed to nicer looking ram with heatsinks is because its not a windowed case and also because I'm on a budget. With storage I just went with the WD Blue 1TB hard drive, pretty reliable so far, lots of storage however I'm pretty sure if I used an SSD the boot time would be much faster. The graphics card is a EVGA GTX 1050 ti SC edition, this is really nice small card that packs a lot of power at such low wattage, meaning that there is no PCI power required for this card. Power supply is just a evga 430w, yes I did cheap out on this one too but its 80+ certified and has a lot of favourable reviews, and like I said I am also using a graphics card with no pci power connector so it should be more than fine. And housing everything together is the thermaltake versa h15, such a nice looking case. However, there wasn't a lot of room for cable management. It's fair to say that I'm kinda proud of this build as it is my first, after watching a lot of how to build a pc video's prior to building this, I was able to assemble the PC with ease and setting up wasn't a problem at all. This PC in the US should only be around $450 USD, how ever since I live in Canada and the dollar being terribly inflated here, this build ended up being around $650, not including monitor, keyboard,etc.

Part Reviews


Really good CPU for the money, with similar specs to the kabylake/skylake core i3 chips, you are able to get this $40 cheaper than the i3. With 2 cores and 4 threads, perfect for a budget pc build.


Really easy motherboard to work with, with a manual that makes a lot of sense. Only 1 system fan header but thats alright with me because I am only using 1 fan. Metal PCI slot for extra protection against things such as traveling with a PC (not that I will be doing that).


Really well priced ram I got from Memory Express, runs fine, nothing too fancy and especially with a non-windowed case, I don't have to worry about looks.


Reliable, there is nothing else to it. 1TB of storage at this price you can't beat it.

Video Card

AMAZING CARD! No PCI power connector required so for people looking to add more horsepower to their used family PC it is totally worth doing so. I was able to run pretty much every game in high frame rates. With the 4gb of GDDR5 VRAM you are able to future proof your pc a little bit without having to upgrade in the next year or so.


Really nice looking case exterior wise. However, cable management was kind of tricky as I had to remove the 20+4 pin power connector once while trying to reroute my cables, but other than that I was able to pull some clean decent cable management.

Power Supply

Really reliable power supply from a very reputable company. Heard a lot of favourable reviews on this one and has been included in a lot of tech youtuber pc builds so could not pass on this one. Very quiet as well.


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Ah, it's really nice to see another Canadian. We can give each other mutual support because the Canadian Dollar being what .75usd jacks up PC prices lol.

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My thoughts when I saw the title I thought "Cool! Somebody made built a PC for $600 (US). I've always love seeing budgeted PC builds."

Sees the CAD

"Sweet mother of God, this was not an easy task to accomplish"

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Good build for $600 CAD.

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the case has the window?

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the one i own does not have a window, but you have the option to purchase this case with a window

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How does it run AAA titles? I’m looking to build this exact setup

  • 16 months ago
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Yes it does run AAA titles on medium to high settings depending on the game