I wanted a clean build I could use to replace my aging MacBook. I wanted something that would (eventually) be easily setup as a Hackintosh. I was going to go with the 7700K but was very impressed with the 8600K and opted to go for that instead.

I had some time and shopped around on CL for lightly used parts (like the memory and monitor) in order to save some cash along the way.

Temps with the 8600K and the H75 are ice cold. It sits at mid 20's at idle and haven't ever seen CPU go higher than 50C. I don't have an overclock yet but plan on OCing once the build starts to show its age. Case temps sit around 32C under full load. GPU at 100% tops out at 70C. Fans run ~50% at max and are still quite unnoticeable.

All in all, super happy with the thermals and the sound levels out of this build.

Part Reviews


Awesome processor if you can find one at or near MSRP. Temps are much improved over Kaby Lake from what I've seen and performance is awesome. Mine sits at mid 20's C at idle and hasn't peaked higher than 50C.

CPU Cooler

Great form factor and super easy to install. Keeps my 8600K at 25C idle and under 50C at load with stock paste and ~50% fan speeds.

Video Card

Good card for the price. The dual fans on mine are slightly mismatched in RPMs and so it makes a "beating" sound at a certain load (kind of like a wobble) but it's not noticeable enough to be a bother. Temps are awesome (peaks at 70C at 100% load) and overall fans aren't too high-pitched.


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How is the motherboard treating you?

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Good so far, no real issues. BIOS seems to report the temps high but once I'm in the OS they appear completely normal.

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Have you set up the hackintosh yet. I am thinking about building a similar pc and doing hackintosh as well.

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I haven't. I know the Killer SLI z370 is identical to the z270 variant and people have reported on TonyMacX86 that it plays nicely. I believe there would be a fakecpu mod needed since coffeelake isn't supported by any native OSX systems yet.

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