Not much different than the other build but with some new parts, I could not find ram with the same color but it has the same speeds and timings. I also can't find the two-pack of the fans I bought so I had to put all single fans. Also for anyone wondering why idle temps are so high its because the CPU runs passive at idle.

Part Reviews


Fast and is pretty affordable not much more to say.

CPU Cooler

Runs my CPU very cool and is quiet even at max fan speed.

Thermal Compound

Very Very good paste, I was able to OC my GPU much better than with the stock paste.


Very good board, it has nice lighting, good OC's and runs ram great.


Fast and ran at 3200mhz first try


Not very much better than my old SATA SSD for windows load times and is slower than most other NVME drives but it is faster at installing programs.


Very good for the price I got it. I have had no issues with failure and its a little bit faster than advertised speed.


As probably everyone who has reviewed this it's cheap, fast, and mostly silent.

Video Card

I bought mine used and can't give a full review because of it but its still a great card anyways and runs cool and decently quiet compared to other 580's.


Great airflow but not very good for first time builders as with most MicroATX cases. It looks nice and has cable grommets at its price so it's great anyways.

Power Supply

It has been reliable so far and it has pretty nice cables (no ketchup and mustard) but it is a little loud at times

Wireless Network Adapter

Fast but the drivers are annoying.

Case Fan

They look nice, they are pretty cheap and they perform well.

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  • 6 months ago
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Very nice upgrade! I think you have a very good level of performance here for the money. +1

  • 6 months ago
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  • 6 months ago
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90$ for that card.You are lucky. I paid 147$ for the 480. (8 months ago)

  • 6 months ago
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Wow nice and tidy build !