Used mostly for gaming wow, music and browsing. Wanted to get rid of my Alienware Aurora R1 that was 9-10 years old. Was thinging of a Legion FEL green theme, still a way to go, with effects and so on I set myself to go for a Asus / Corsair setup, kinda messed it up going for a coolermaster cab, but heck the cab is sweeeeeet.. 1 note tho: I have change to a inverse setup and that was a f***ing workout :-p Result: silent Ice cold puter. it actually is cooling my mancave :-)

To the one going oh my god... 8700k is gonna get hot!! : nope, not with that cooler, and thanks to a overclocking solution from Asus, this sweetnes is auto OC to 5 ghz, all thx to asus 1 click that not only covers CPU and and mem, but sooo much more, i love it!!

Next to come is a EKWB Phoenix setup for cooling

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Dont have it, or just going stock cooler? Throw the stock cooler in the garbage and GET IT


1 Word: OMG :-D, btw, that nag about M2 disk taking up speed, it only blocks 2 usb ports (5-6), you have plenty inside :-D


Holy mama its big, oh crap it Heavy, olala - ITS SWEEET, don`t waste time on saving bucks on crap, get this

Case Fan

do they run? i had to look at it so see if they where on... can not hear them


no 5.1 pc sets Close to this, best of the ... unless you are going hifi


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