This is my first build and it's awesome (but in some parts not so much). I play mostly Overwatch. I'm not that much into games that much, but I'm a frequent casual gamer. I wish I had spent more money on the SSD and the HHD and the monitor, well, we all want something better but if I had the chance I would change those first in no particular order. I ordered most of the parts off of Amazon, big mistake! Go to your local Micro-Center, they usually have better prices and good bundles that will save you a ton. If you're looking for a case that can mount a 240 mm radiator, good luck trying to fit your motherboard in. I also think I got the wrong Windows 10. There is a one that's cheaper, but too late. maybe it's my unit but I could only overclock it to 64 Hz which was a big let down. I used the Nvidia Control Panel and created a custom preset with 1440p and 1080p. I could not get over 64Hz, maybe I'm doing something wrong so if you know whats going on please tell me!

+I got PSU extensions, so it looks better (September 2017)

*Pictures shot on the IPhone

Part Reviews


Very good, maybe it's because I paired it with a liquid cooler (I'm a AIO scrub). Have not overclocked my whole system yet so fingers crossed my unit is good.

CPU Cooler

I'm a noob at PC building soooo I kind of brushed my arm against the thermal compound. My PC has been running for a month (not continuously) and my CPU has not gone over 58 C (an estimate).


If you're not a RGB fanatic and a fan of the STRIX line-up (I don't know why you'd like STRIX but not like RGB) this model only has a tiny RGB light strip on the top right under the board + it's not too expensive.


Good RAM, 10/10. Pepe/Pepe's mother.


Good for the price, 10 more GB than the rest of the SSDs at around this price point.


Go for a Barracuda, only a couple more dollars than this product but double the space.

Video Card

Very gooooood, haven't overclocked but it can stand up to 1440p at 60Hz (yes my crappy 60 Hz monitor) in Overwatch. +Some 1070 prices are going up so why not just go for a 1080.


It's cool, wish I went for a NZXT Elite in White though. The Elite's inside of the case is nicer. If you're getting this case go for the TEMPERED GLASS model. I scratched the plastic window when building the PC. It isn't very good quality, it got scratched on the corner of a cardboard box, but also my fault for not putting the panel away.

Power Supply


Operating System

There is a cheaper one, I accidentally bought this more expensive one. fml

Case Fan

I have the LED white ones but this is what they have on this website. The fan is just white LEDs pointed at translucent fan blades. If that's you good. I covered the LEDs with black electrical tape because the LED still shows from the outside. The fan still lights up it's just a cleaner look form the window.


My unit only overclocked to 64Hz (from 60Hz), I saw a review on Amazon where a guy overclocked it to 80Hz, I'm mad. I did it through Nvidia Control using a custom preset with 1080p and 1440p and I still couldn't get it past 64Hz. If you know whats wrong please tell me.

But I got what I paid for so ya


Very good, enough programmable buttons through the software in all the right places


For like 10 dollars more you can get a HyperX Cloud Cores at which is like the HyperX Cloud IIs but a little bit worse, but nonetheless they are very good.

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  • 32 months ago
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Nice Build, especially for someone who is "not that much into games that much"! I know the struggle of trying to fit radiators into the P400 (I had to squeeze a 120mm and a 240mm in), but I'm just curious about that GPU... Not to sound too much like an idiot, but the cooler on that 1080 looks to be the same type as the one on the 1080 Ti, did they release another version of the 1080 with the beefier cooler or did you accidentally get sent a 1080 Ti lol.

The monitor overclocking is kinda hit or miss I've found. I managed to get an extra 6Hz out of my old 60Hz monitor, but I think the best overclockers are models that share the controller or at least some of the circuitry of a higher-end high refresh rate monitor. My friend has a 75Hz monitor that is essentially the same inside as my 144Hz one, so that one managed to get up to around 120Hz with a bit of work. Basically, some specific models are much more likely to be good overclockers because they share parts from their bigger brothers, at least that's what I've found so far.

Overclocking in general is luck of the draw and I wouldn't get your hopes up just because you saw some lucky guy who managed to get XHz on a product. The product was advertised as 60Hz and you got that, anything more is an added bonus and you just got a normal version instead of the one in a million holy grail overclocker. I wouldn't bet too bummed out, you got unlucky but you still got what you paid for at least!

Anyway, sorry for rambling but I hope this helped at least a little. Any other questions you have I'll be happy to spout some more for you! +1

  • 32 months ago
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Nah, it's the regular 8 gb Asus Strix 1080... Ya I know about that monitor not really getting overclocked, but this guy in the amazon reviews for the monitor got it up to 80Hz. :(

  • 32 months ago
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You can't even overclock on that mobo, bit of a waste.

  • 17 months ago
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if you're even still on here, you said you couldn't overclock the monitor past 64hz. are you using HDMI? if so, try displayport.

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  • 32 months ago
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Oof x2

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