It took me a long time, but I finally built my first PC. I've been wanting to do this since Intel released ivy bridge, but circumstances never quite allowed it..

I mostly use this pc for gaming (BF1, League of Legends, Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program) and browsing. I've recently expanded the storage with a Samsung 850 EVO 500gb to make room for expansion. I previously had a little babby 120gb Samsung 840 that was just filled to the brim. poor thing. I really enjoy the 850 EVO. It's lightning fast!

This was great for my first build. No problems (save for initial post). I must not have had one of the memory sticks in correctly because it was giving me fits. After some poking around I had it down to one stick (out of fear for dead sticks), but it worked perfectly ok after putting it all back in. It was also a decent challenge to make everything fit and look somewhat good with the mATX form factor. Small but mighty??

I did the build rather backwards, purchasing the video card first and processor last. I was pretty excited for the price I found the card at, so I just had to pounce on it. I'm not disappointed in any way, and this card is WHISPER quiet with everything I throw at it. The highest temperature I can squeeze out of it is 64 degrees with the auto fan stop function on.

I also put a couple red led Corsair AF120 fans in there that seem to make a bit more noise than before, but the extra fans do an even better on temps. I like that they move air across the VRM's and the SSD which I can see run slightly warm on Corsair Link.

Edit 2/6/2017: I did some updates since the original post (850 Evo and led fan). Also put a bit more time into the cable management. Might be reposting soon for a more finalized buildlog.

Edit 7/12/2017: I've been running the computer for several months now, and it's still running solid. The warmth of the summer squeezes out slightly higher temperatures due to higher ambient temperature. I still have no issues and think I'm done tweaking everything until GPU prices go down.

Edit 5/22/2018: I changed out one of the Corsair LED fans because it had some bearing noise that was annoying me. I had to RMA the power supply due to coil whine. I've finally overclocked it up to 4.4 ghz as a preset in the motherboard. It runs solid and only slightly warmer but much faster.

Part Reviews


Zippy fast and super cool!

CPU Cooler

We cool like Fonzie. The fans rarely have to spin faster than their lowest speed. Even under load, they're just whispering along.


Nice beautiful motherboard. I liked the connectivity options, and I'll soon be putting an m.2 ssd in it. I wish the UEFI was a bit more visually pleasing, but I'm not going to be looking at it that much anyway.


For some reason I fell in love with the aesthetic of this ram (pretty much the biggest reason I bought it). It's nice and fast, and I've got plenty of room in here.


It holds up well for an old drive. I used to use it in my laptop then switched it to my desktop when I finally built it. Still great!


Fast fast fast! Great choice for all that I need. I don't think I'll be close to filling it any time soon. If I do, I've got other problems lol

Video Card

I LOVE the Twin Frozr cooler. This card is pretty much a piece of art. Cool art. Though I haven't been able to put this baby under much load, it belts out whatever I ask it for, and the fans only kick on maybe a couple seconds at a time.


I like the tame look to this case. Coupled with a wonderful window setup, I'm pretty happy looking in at my components every once in a while. The h100i also seems right at home in the front panel. One complaint is that it has one usb 2 and one usb 3 port on the front. Meh. I ended up switching my usb 2 with my friend's usb 3 anyway.

Power Supply

I enjoy modularity. Especially when I'm trying to keep it nice and tidy. I was a bit worried this wouldn't be enough power, but I think I made a good choice with this psu. And it's Corsair. Something about brand loyalty?

Case Fan

Good fans. I like the red glow they throw into my case. I can hear them ever so slightly humming along, but that's it.


I like it as an entry level display. the whole bezel-less display idea is so awesome ever since I got my XPS 13. It's not the best display I've ever looked at, but I think it'll get me far. The speakers are poo, but you shouldn't expect much from them anyway.

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  • 37 months ago
  • 2 points

Lovely to see a build in the 88R! Not really many micro-atx budget cases around which look good, very refreshing!

Good colour coordination going on too. Easy +1 from me.

  • 37 months ago
  • 2 points

Hi that's a nice build you got there.

I am building one myself and I am using the same Mobo and cooler (240mm). I am having trouble with the pump mounting. It's very loose and I'm scared to mount the pump on the CPU, did you have this issue?

  • 37 months ago
  • 3 points

Hello and thanks!

The h100i backplate and mounting standoffs were inherently loose when installed before the waterblock. I did this build and another friend's computer as an upgrade using the same cooler, and they both did the same. Once you mount the pump, it'll take up the slack and hold it firmly in place. No issues so far.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

I always scratch me head when i see people overpay for systems mainly cause of the aesthetics and the performance doesn't warrant the price in my opinion. However, if you put a couple extra bucks aside to get a good looking system without paying too much more, more power to you! The system looks like it runs great. and it looks great as well, love what you did with your price! +1

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point


I love the aesthetics I got with all this even at this price point. The plan is to have a good "lower end" (mo'bo, cpu, etc) for future growth in case I felt like I really wanted more power. I love where I stand right now as this thing belts out everything I ever ask it. Since posting I've added a red led corsair af120 and a samsung 850 evo for a nice bump in speed and that personal touch.

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  • 36 months ago
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The only issue I had installing the radiator was when I was installing it in the front with the fans. I wanted to have the fans pulling the air through the radiator into the case, but the rad is too wide for that. If you haven't yet tried, put the fans in between the case and the radiator to push the air through it. You'll notice that the 120mm fans fit perfectly into the slots, and you've just gotta do some wiggling with the screws to get it all situated.

Happy building!

[comment deleted]
  • 37 months ago
  • 2 points

probely not since hes got that 1080p monitor so it should run fine for him

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

I figured that once I get to the place where I need a better card than the 1060 I'll be able to afford a fancy new one anyway. Not the best in future proof, but I think it'll do me well.