After a long time of well not doing much but buying prebuilts I finally built my own again. Felt like a completely new experience. This one exceeded my expectations and performs very well. While not the best computer I is the best I have ever owned. I have replaced the monitor with a 27" ASUS. Edit: I have also removed most of the Green LED fans and replaced them with Noctua's for a much better reduction in eye glare. So much quieter as well.


  • 13 days ago
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Nice build. How does it perform?

  • 11 days ago
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Thank you. It does really well, I am quite pleased with it, I can play pretty much anything I want on it running on high setting to ultra depending on the title. The only game it has struggled with is Kingdom Come, which is very hard on AMD systems and was quickly overheating it, but once I found the right settings it has done very well. FPS in games I play is 60 - 120.