CASE: It is the Corsair SPEC-02 REDSHIFT. The difference from the regular SPEC-02 is the 3 LED fans, 2 140mm and 1 120mm.

This is my daily driver. I use this build for everthing, from homework to video editing. It handles everything like a champ. My primary goal when building this is to have a silent and powerful computer.

In order to achieve this, I used a Noctua NF-F12 PWM on my Hyper 212 and a NF-P12 with a LNA (low-noise adapter) as my exhaust fan. I also used the PWM to turn down the RPM on my front intake fans that came with my case. I changed the CPU fan profile to have the Noctua barely run during idle and spool up as the temps on my CPU increase. The idle RPM is around 250, which makes no noise at all. The Noctua also helped me OC my 6700k. I am running a 4.6GHz overclock on the chip, with max temps below 80C. I was able to hit 4.7, but the temps crossed 85, which was a bit outside of my comfort zone.

Since I don't game most of the time, the STRIX RX480 is pretty much silent. The three fans on it barely turn on at all.

The only noise during idle is the PSU fan. A future upgrade definitely on the list is the PSU, most probably an upgrade to the Corsair RM650x.

Part Reviews


Pretty lit, got it up to 4.6 and 4.7 without much effort.

CPU Cooler

Stock fan is noisy... The paste it comes with is also meh


Got it for a steal (around 50 new), very stable and good quality.


This makes my computer boot in 2 seconds flat. It's great.

Video Card

The fans don't spool up until there is decent load, so most of the time it stays silent.


Overall, it's pretty decent. Plenty of expansion space.

Power Supply

The PSU is pretty good except for the noise. It is around 30dB idle. Quite annoying since this is the only noisy part in this whole build.

Wireless Network Adapter

Works great with my AC-68U. Bluetooth uses up a USB 2.0 header FYI. Works great and no Wi-Fi drops at all.

Case Fan

I love Noctua.

Case Fan

I love Noctua, a lot.

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