Built this computer to edit videos, edit audio, and play a few games. Since I make music a lot, not being able to hear this computer was a huge priority.

I was able to save a few bucks on the MOBO by buying an open box one off BH photo for $140. Then I got a used founders edition 1070 off craigslist for $250. This, while buying all my components around Black Friday saved me a whole lot of cash and enabled me to get another NVME SSD dedicated as a media cache drive. I also had an old 256gb SSD lying around I repurposed as a Windows 10 dual boot.

Overall Cost:

i7-8700k $329.99

Noctua NH-U12S $57.99

Asus ROG Strix Z370-I $140

G.Skill Ripjaws V 32 GB DDR4-3200 $229.99

Samsung 860 Evo $79.99

Samsung 970 Evo $116.99

Samsung 970 Evo $117.99

Old Crucial 256gb SSD $0.00

GTX 1070 Founders Edition $250

Fractal Design Define Nano S $56.50

Corsair RMx 550w $49.99

Broadcom BCM94360CS2 Card $12.69

BCM94360CS2 NGFF Adapter $15.98

IPEX Pigtail Cables $9.98

Total Before Tax: $1468.08

I had to replace the WIFI card with a bcm94360cs2 with an NGFF adapter+new pigtails in order to get wifi/BT/handoff/imessage/airdrop to work.

As of now, everything on my Hackintosh works in High Sierra 10.13.6 (even quicksync) except for: - Bluetooth from sleep/wake - Hangs on boot - Audio (although I just use a Focusrite audio interface)

Part Reviews


A very full-featured ITX board. Unfortunately, maybe due to poor airflow, the VRM's regularly get over 110c which limits my 8700k overclock to 4.8 ghz. I delidded my 8700k so it can handle much more than what the VRMs can provide. At 5 ghz, my VRM's overheat within minutes of running prime95. Perhaps a small 40mm fan would help. But for the MSRP of this board, I expect not to run into this issue.


Worked perfect out of the box with the XMP profile enabled.

Video Card

These are a seriously good deal on the second-hand market.


With enough fan headers on my board to control all the fans in the case, it's dead silent when idle. I only hear the fans slightly when under load while video editing or rendering and it's completely unnoticeable while gaming. Hearing how quiet it is makes me wish I had gotten the version with the window. All these factors combined with the Noctua NH-U12S make this the quietest computer I've ever owned.

Building in it was a bit difficult with a full-size power supply though, but I figured if I only have to build it once I'll get over it. I'm aware of the SFX hack you can do though. With the Corsair RMx power supply I used, it's fan only spins under high load so it makes for an even quieter option so I stuck with it. Fractal could have moved the cut-out for the cables a little farther forward and it would have made building in it a lot easier.

Power Supply

Love the packaging it came in with the felt bag for all the cables it really felt premium. Also a seriously quiet power supply. However, the cables that came with it are quite stiff so building with those cables are a bit difficult.

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