A build that comes in at under $1300 and had to be equipped for both gaming and productivity other restrictions included the fact that every part had to come from Umart and be in stock. As my first build I'd say construction went pretty smoothly. My main problem was mounting the cooler but I'd say this comes down to inexperience. The build looks very nice but rather simple. This is largely attributed to the case.

Not Listed SKHynix 256GB NVME M.2: The M.2 is not on the part list as it's not commercially available. It was taken from an HP laptop. Lightning fast boot drive. Very nice. Thanks to me already having this part I was able to stay within my strict $1300 budget. If you can get an NVME i would recommend it.

Part Reviews


Does it's job. Works great in games but my primary reason for this part is its productivity. This thing shreds productivity, and with twelve threads renders my blender files faster than my core i7 laptop ever could. Runs amazing stock, adjusting from 3.4GHz to 3.9 according to workload. This being said I wanted to have a go with over clocking. So currently I have it running at a stable 4GHz.

CPU Cooler

Runs quietly and keeps my CPU cool. Bit of a pain to install but not horrible.


Good board. Decent IO, 4 Dimm slots, two m.2 slots (Only the Ultra M.2 supports NVME) Good BIOS Easy to understand. Looks good.


I can't seem to get them to run at 3200 so just running stock. This is due primarily to lack of knowledge and experience. The RGB looks fantastic some of the best looking memory. Lights up from all sides.


2TB's is plenty for games and files.

Video Card

Budget friendly perfect for 1080p. My friends all recommended Nvidia GPU's but the price isn't worth it. This thing suits my needs. I haven't done too much testing but this GPU runs Subnautica (on max settings) at 100 fps. Ran Stranded Deep on Ultra at roughly 80 fps. I haven't been able to do much testing on more competitive games, but I can tell you buttery smooth. Will run most games high settings at above 60 fps. Also silent when idle.


This case was easy to build in despite the size. The main problem being cable management but stuffing them all in the back seemed to work fine. The most appealing aspect of this case is it's simple solid panel design, making it sleek and able to fit in anywhere. I made sure to pick the 301c over the 301 as the 301c gives you the ability to control the front IO lights. These look great and outline the ports nicely. The see through material feel really high quality and isn't cheap and plasticy this goes for the whole case. Air flow isn't the best in this case due to the front fans design however I did not utilize these spaces anyway. My favourite part of this case is the tool-less glass panel giving you very easy and quick access to the inside of your PC.

Power Supply

A semi-modular was a must for my case. This really helps de-clutter the back of the case. Supplies power reliably.

Case Fan

Works well looks nice. Whisper quiet. Easy install

Case Fan

Works well looks nice. Whisper quiet. Easy install

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Update your bios and run xmp, there is no way samsung b die memory will not run 3200 cl 14. Trust me you will get a nice boost in performance out of it.