The processor is overclocked to 4.1 GHz and the Corsair Vengeance overclocked to 3400MHz right along with it. She's a little beast and she does gaming and multithreaded workloads quite well. Battlefield 4, with this GPU, I'm getting 200 FPS. GTA V, I'm getting 128 FPS and Battlefield V I'm getting an average, 103 FPS. Works for me!

I will probably be moving this build to a more air friendly chassis though, the H500 doesn't do thermals all that well. I mean, it's fine for the hardware that's in it now (under load CPU runs at 65C), but don't even think about putting a 3900X or a 9900K in it, even with a couple of Noctua 140s in the front, you'll still melt the damn thing, I swear. It does get toasty.

Part Reviews


This processor, for the money they're asking, does the job quite well. I managed to overclock it at a somewhat stable OC @4.2 GHz but had to back it down to 4.1 @1.312 volts using Ryzen Master. Now it's humming right along with the RAM @3400 Mhz just fine. I love this CPU!

CPU Cooler

Meh, it's alright for what it does. I had to park my Corsair H150i Pro for the H500i I put it in for my son. I also replaced the Silencio fan with an Arctic BioniX F120, much better. It does the job with an idle temp on my Ryzen 2700 of 33C and at load, mostly gaming, I've only seen it hit 63C.


Good mobo for the price. The price-to-performance ratio is definitely there. It's not a hotrod or a beast of an overclocker, but it's a solid choice if you're on a budget. The only complaint I have is the onboard audio, it's okay, but it ain't great either. But, what do you expect at this price point right?


They're fast. Ugly, but fast. Great budget choice!


It's fast and reliable. Runs in my system at 35C too. Great budget drive.


I've mounted this on the backside of the motherboard tray, so I never see it lol. I use it as my Game drive and everything launches pretty fast, no complaints.

Video Card

Came up from an RX560 and let me tell ya, this kit is an absolute beast! I got it from EVGA directly as one of their B-Stock items, that's why the price is what it is. I'm getting 2150MHz on the GPU clock with an XOC overclock and the Memory clock is hitting 4008MHz at 1080P with an average FPS of 200 (yes, I said 200) on most games at High settings. Average temps hit 74C max in my system, that's with sustained gaming sessions. The RGB is okay, nothing special, but it's there. That's controlled, and customizable, thru XOC as well. All in all? Definitely worth the investment!


Decent little chassis. Could use a little more room for the cable management side, but the two channels and the velcro straps are a nice addition, still on the fence with that cable management bar though. Thermals aren't the best but if you put some decent fans in it they do improve. The CAM software simply sucks. I routed my four Arctic fans directly to the mobo and only left it enabled for the two light strips. That SMART feature, IMHO, is dumb. Otherwise, the build quality is up there and routing your cables to the motherboard was a breeze. Nice and lightweight and not a massive box on your desk is a definite plus too.

Power Supply

Solid choice and full modularity is a definite plus. The cables are of a well-built quality and they're all black, nice.

Case Fan

Solid fan and it moves some air. Quiet too. These things are so underrated!

Case Fan

Solid fan and it moves some air. Quiet too. These things are so underrated!


If you believe the reviews on Amazon or Newegg then you'll probably never buy this card. But, don't be swayed by people that have little experience with building a PC or simply, cannot figure it out lol. This thing is a little gem and if you have a lot of peripherals as I do, then it's worth its weight in gold. Works great and has not caused my system any hiccups. The price to performance is high as well.


Solid construction and they look great. You get a bunch of them too, enough for two builds!


They're pretty good, they look nice, but I bumped a star because the included cable combs are cheap and do not compliment the cables well at all. Get a separate set and you're golden!


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