So this PC began about 4 years ago. I watched lots of videos on how to build a pc became interested. I bought the case power supply and storage first about 2 years before the rest of the parts... yeah I ran out of cash. good thing is I eventualy got a job to pay for the parts. so here I am 4 years later this build is almost a year old now. I am proud of this build, I will be taking this off to college with me in the fall. I am planning on using this to run solidworks and other engineering programs. Im am hoping before then I will have upgraded this build with another 8 gig kit and a rx 580. Now just to wait for tax return day.

Amd Ryzen 5 2400G I chose this procesor because I didn't want to buy a graphics card. The early reviews seemed to be ok, a little bit of crashing and stuff but I figured with driver updates it would be fine.I bought this procesor at the end of march so i consider myself an early adopter.

MSI B350 Motherboard Honastly Thought the board was going to be all ready for the 2400g because the posting on Amazon said so. It wasn't I updated the bios myself mith the boot kit provided from AMD. Mystic light on this board sucks, their are only 9 colors and it said nowhere on the amazon posting about this.

Corsair Vengence 8gb Ram Should have got 16gb of this stuff. I will be upgrading with another 8gb kit soon.

OCZ TRION This was the first part I bought for my pc.. This was a great deal and dont dought it for a seccond. It supper fast and thats all their is to say.

*Phanteks P300 This is new, Over the summer I was using a case from when I first started collecting parts. The original case is embarasing and I don't want to think about it. Overall this case is great and is an upgrade to what I had before.

Power supply Bought it from the local computer store, As you can see reflected on the cost. it cost me 70 bucks. Other than that It has flat black cables. Cables are a breeze to cable manage, seriously. The flat cables made cable mangement a breeze

Fans Non RGB and they were on sale at the time of purchase. Solid Fans and are supper quiet.

Part Reviews


I bought this in march of 2018. It was a little buggy with windows but it was quickly fixed a couple days after I got the boot kit to update my motherboard. I have tested Rainbow six siege, CSGO. both get decent frames. CS on high settings gives me around 120fps and siege will give me 60fps on low at 1080p. Although I believe I am memory bound in Siege, since I only have 1gb allocated to the igpu. Overall if you are only planning on playing e sports games and you don't want to spend a lot this processor is great for you


This motherboard is serving me great! I had to run a bios update so I could use my processor, but that is pretty much it. fan and usb connectors are well placed. DO NOTE, if you are looking for a RGB motherboard don't get this one the LEDs are dim, yellow looks green, purple looks pinkish, white is very blue and there is no orange Also the 7 lighting effects, off and on is a effect...

Power Supply

I overpaid for this and probably could have got a better price. But I still like it. The cables on this are great, the flat black cables look good and are easy to cable manage

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