I use this machine for Hackintosh which is OS X on a PC. It worked well until I got to some error thanks to tonymacx86 I got my machine up in running only problem is that recently I damaged the front panel USB 3 connector ;-; I know it's bad but I rarely use that so I guess it is fine until I upgrade... I got all the parts from my local Micro Center. I changed the monitor midway.. sorry.. I switched it to an old dell monitor I happened to have.. I found it better because of the features on it. Will change soon probs.. Also I decided to make this thing look more like a gaming computer.. I know the specs are like not good for it.. but still I'm fine with running LoL on it so whatever..

Also please don't judge this is temporary setup..

Also.. I don't have Windows yet..

Also sorry for taking so long for the pictures..

Part Reviews


I don't mind the performance of the thing it's pretty good.. for now maybe I might go for more "cpu-intensive" games later on..


It was a great motherboard other than me having the USB3 Header broken (sadly caused by me due to wanting better cable management ;-;)


I has no comment utter than this being a slight hassle when I tried to install OS X..


It's withstand the time that I continually used this so I decided to keep it for this system from a previous..


Same comment as the SSD... It withstanded..


I wish I could give this a "10/5" since it was a pretty cool looking chassis or case depending how you would say it.. But it had sorta good cable management..

Power Supply

I'm kinda scared of the PSU due to some of it's reviews but so far it's been working well..

Case Fan

I love these fans, the box was neatly arranged, also they look cool for a gaming PC Also they literally look like the same blue as Intel..


This was a refurb so technically not new but it felt pretty new nevertheless it has been working well..


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Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

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You can now see them.. :)

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Awesome! Love the idea of budget hackintoshing. A few suggestions to make it more ascetically pleasing: Tighten up the SATA cables by routing then behind the motherboard, and try to replace the green zip ties with white ones. Other than that, nice combo of hardware!

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Are you really going to do a light overclock on that i3 with that Z97 mobo?

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