Hi everyone!

So this PC is something that I've been wanting since my birthday last May of 2015. I haven't really gone to build it as I cant afford this system yet at that time since I just started my job then. So I saved up and waited until Black Friday to buy all the parts I need for my PC. Saved about 200 dollars Canadian in total compared to regular prices.

As I have finished my build I ran into a few problems. First is that I don't know how to use my WD hard drive as it doesn't appear in my list of drives. I solved this problem eventually by going to some forums and youtubing it. Next problem was my Define S' reset button buried itself deep beneath the hole it is placed in, so I have to open up the front IO to fix it. A bit of a hassle but it isn't that hard to fix. Last problem was whenever I reset my PC, it doesn't turn back on. Though it might be an error on the mobo but it was my error after all as I have discovered that I have plugged the reset wire thingy into the mobo in a wrong way. That took me a while to fix.

I plan to pimp up this PC with sleeved cables and some accent light. Might replace the fans too. Might mod the case with some paint mod artwork but I need to gather the courage still to do that.

Anyways, onto my opinions regarding the hardware I got for myself. Also if you can suggest a name for her that would be appreciated.

Part Reviews


Great CPU as far as I can tell. Had helped me get a great score in firestrike so I guess that's good. Haven't gone to overclocking yet but will do as soon as possible.

CPU Cooler

Great CPU cooler! Really keeps my 6700k at a low temperature. Fans are a bit noisy though so I might replace them in the future. Also the pump is a bit loud. It is bearable though and not too loud. Corsair link is a bit difficult for me to understand but it's cool especially it makes me able to change the LED color on the CPU block. Great cooler overall.


This mobo is cool. I guess I just have to know my way around the BIOS and such, I'm a computer noob after all. The IO shield that came with this mobo gave me some problems though. It was too late for me to realize that it didnt fit right when I put the mobo the first time as one of the usb ports was unusable due to the IO shield popping a bit in it. So I have to remove everything once again and rebuild the whole PC. Really hassled by that. Plus its kinda the reason I scratched my case a bit.


Its memory. Does what it's supposed to do, which is be a memory stick. TBH though I love the design of the heat spreaders too. Really matches my build's color scheme.


Great. Fast. Expensive. Kinda worth it though.


Great big Hard Drive for my steam library, music and movies. I didn't know how to partition and such at first but I did eventually. Great drive overall.

Video Card

IT'S SO BIG AND HEAVY...BUT IT'S ALSO SO COOL, LITEARALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. Before this build I use to play on my laptop and I can only really play DotA and Tomb Raider since my laptop can't handle any other game. I can even just get 24 fps in DotA even though it's not a hard game to run and don't even ask me how I was able to play Tomb Raider on that laptop. But holy crap of macaroni and framerates this card can run everything I throw at it so far. It doesn't even get more than 70 C at full synthetic load. Great in benchmarks and real world performance. I can finally play those games I bought from all those Steam sales. Will overclock in the near future.


Great case, but as I mentioned earlier, I was kinda disappointed with the reset button deciding to hide itself. I'm also upset about the fact that the side panels gets scratched so easily. I mean I just layed it on the floor then suddenly, a scratch! I'm part to blame for it for placing the side panel on the floor, but still! Other than that, great case for a first time builder.

Power Supply

Got in on a sale. it was about 80 dollars of so I thought why not. It's 80+ Platinum and 1000w. Will be great if I decide to go for an SLI config but that's really only if someone will give me another 980 ti. Even one of this card is so damn expensive!

Operating System

Bought a key of Windows 8.1 pro somewhere for about 25 bucks (USD) and upgraded it to windows 10. Saved money so I guess that's good. Great OS BTW, I love the UI and just everything about it. I r8 10/10 for Windows 10


A really cheap 1440, IPS, 4ms response time monitor. Can't believe its true but it is. Great display overall for gaming, video editing and photoshop. Buttons are kinda hard to access and the stand is kinda flimsy but I can overlook that 'cause my table doesn't shake that much, only when I'm raging in a game.

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  • 50 months ago
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If this build is plain and simple then my build is rusty and tarnished!

  • 50 months ago
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"Plain and simple" with $2000 cost lol

  • 50 months ago
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Well, as I have said, I got these on black friday. So the prices posted right now are not the price in which I acquired the parts. Probably in USD the price would be around $1900 and not $2000. :)

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  • 50 months ago
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Shameless plug much? XD

IMO I would go with the Haswell for dat 16gb ram and cheaper. If I was gunna go with x99 it would be with something nutZ like 5930x not a 6700k... I don't feel like it worth it :p