The graphics cards, case, ram, and psu were hand-me-downs, however everything else has been recent additions to actually give myself a rig that can do the things I do effectively and as beautifully as I can without rebuilding it all. The two 280x's aren't going to run games like Destiny 2 over 50fps, however I don't play almost any particularly modern or taxing games, so I don't really run into that issue (Skyrim, CS:GO, Diablo 3, Minecraft ftw).

This case definitely wasn't designed for SSDs or thin hard drives, so it certainly looks odd to have the small components down there, and I will always feel that without liquid cooled graphics cards you just can't get good airflow with dual graphics cards particularly in this case, but otherwise everything flows, fits, and sits nicely.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Beautiful liquid cooler that does an astounding job (lowered my CPU temperatures about 20 degrees)! My only complaint would be for more flexible or for longer tubes so you could more easily get them out of the way.


Very solid motherboard and certainly the newest I've ever had. However, the RGB being only R is pretty annoying, and figuring out how to turn it off is not super easy (In BIOS options look for audio LED under the peripherals section). If you like red in your build, this is a great choice, if you don't .... well, it's not the best choice.


The first SSD I have ever booted from. Blazingly fast, comes with solid migration software, and very reliable.


A fine hard drive in its time, but it has aged poorly. One example being inexplicable keyboard double-clicking issues ghosted from when it was in a laptop even after being completely overwritten in every way. A very odd issue that still hasn't been resolved - doesn't matter if it's just holding games and no OS though, so it works fine now, but that's the best I can say about it.


A solid drive that has stood the test of time, and is still chugging along. Don't have fun with modifying partitions, it or Windows 10 doesn't seem to be entertained by that, and then funky issues persist until you write zeroes.

Video Card

This card is 5 years old and still slaughters games. Granted, I don't play a lot of modern games, but it also doesn't just perform aptly - it slaughters games. I love this card, and it will be a sad, sad day when I have to upgrade it.


Roomy, simple, awesome case. It's giant though. Huge. Lots of cable management capabilities and literally anything will fit in it, so that's nice, but it's footprint is ... big. Wish it was a little more intuitive, too - attaching new fans to the front or cleaning that filter (wish there was a filter on top as well) is very confusing the first time (take off the top panel before the front one). Other than that, love the case - best hand-me-down ever.

Power Supply

Mine is not in a batch with fan defects. I have never seen the fan come on though. I'm still worried, and it's still solid. No issues with powering or anything else, a solid device if it weren't for the worries with the fan.

Operating System

If more games were on Linux, I wouldn't even touch this.

Case Fan

Great fans, great color, great company, great flow, very low noise. The LEDs that make the blades white however kind of stick out on the outside of the bracket, so if this isn't embedded in the side of a case, you can see the bright lights sticking out on the side of the fan instead of just on the blades. Additionally, it is a more muted white color, almost grey - quite different from the WLED 140mm.

Case Fan

Great fans, great color, great company, great flow. The LEDs that make the blades white however kind of stick out on the outside of the bracket, so if this isn't embedded in the side of a case, you can see the bright lights sticking out on the side of the fan instead of just on the blades. Additionally, it is a very cool (as in temperature, not awesome) white color and quite bright.


A great display and certainly the best bang for your buck. However, depending on your angle to the display there are areas of it that may flicker when first being used in a session.


A beautiful and reliable keyboard all around.


More reliable than your keyboard, great software, and very customizable. However, EOL was an eternity ago and you simply can't get much support for it. Couple that with a lack of a formed community around it and you also have limited prebuilt game profiles and software.


Bought this used (obviously) so the battery life isn't what it could be, but the freedom of wireless or the carefree-ness of wired is absolutely awesome. I only wish the mouse wheel RGB was the same as the wireless base's (or any other Razer RGB) - it just does not have the same color, and will get pink-ish when you set the color to white.


Best long-term headset I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Light, great sound quality, great microphone quality, and I love the mic feedback loop that Turtle Beach has so you can hear yourself. Literally my only qualm with the headset is that a wire goes into each earpiece, meaning they get twisted as you take them off and set them down.

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  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

+1 Beautiful cable managment and amazing setup.

I cant begin to explain how amazing it looks and im probbaly the most surprised under load your GPU temps are less than 60. I cant keep my 1060 under 70 but i did buy it used so maybe it just needs a good clean.

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you so much! I was able to remove the CPU block's USB cable as well, organize the fan cables in the top left, and ordered matching fans for the radiator a couple days ago :D

The temps are largely due to my fans starting out very high. My 3 intake fans are always 100%, my rear fan starts at 70%, and my radiators start at 60%. Additionally, the ambient temperature in my room is about 18C as I am some sort of yeti haha

I would definitely recommend a clean, I had this page all set up before I cleaned the system and took my pictures and my temperatures dropped something like 8 degrees -iirc- after a good clean.