This PC has been through quite a few revisions that werent published on here. I bought the i7 4790K pre-order when it first came out and it started life on a Gigabyte Motherboard (after me saying I'd never buy a Gigabyte board ever again) which of course failed (the BIOS was shot on it and it worked when it felt like it) The original spec was inside a Thermaltake Armor A30 as I really wanted to make a fast PC in a portable case but when I bought the graphics card (MSI Gaming AMD Radeon R9 280X 8G) it didn't fit in the case correctly so I had to cut a chunk of metal out of the modular drive back to fit the card. I then upgraded to an MSI Gaming AMD Radeon R9 390X 8G which required me to cut even more out to fit inside but temperatures for both the CPU and GPU were far from good in that small case and once the board died I opted to build the setup they way it destered to be which brings me to how it is today.

This PC is mainly used for gaming but I board the excellent Asus IPS monitor for a bit of web design and video editing too.

The CPU is overclocked from 4Ghz (4.4Ghz Turbo Boost) to 4.7Ghz on all cores The GPU is overclocked from 1670Mhz to 2164Mhz / Memory is overclocked from 10010Mhz to 11100Mhz All overclocks were tested with stress testing software for at least 24 hours and proven to be stable.

Will probably up the size of the Radiator in the future and have a second water loop for the graphics card but overall this machine is a beast and runs extremely well.

Part Reviews


Excellent CPU. Bought this on release and it hasn't let me down. Intel's 6th and 7th Gen equivalents still haven't really improved enough to upgrade from this yet. Only real downside it I needed a custom water loop with a 360 Rad to keep the Temps down on this thing as it really does get hot (though admittedly that is partly down to the RAM being out of spec for the board and needed a lot more voltage than standard DDR3)


After stupidly buying a Gigabyte board to save money when I bought my 4790K which inevitably died on me (like every Gigabyte board I've ever owned) I decided to go back with Asus again as I've never had a problem with there hardware before.

The features on this board are excellent for the money and it handles overclocks well. Unfortunately this board isn't perfect though, it has some weird quirks such as wiping the CMOS when power is turned off to the PSU sometimes even though the BIOS battery checks out fine and nothing is shorting the board (though this seems to have stopped somehow) and now with my current overclock and BIOS settings even though everything is running perfect and stable if I power the system on from a cold start it turns on then straight back off as if the BIOS settings have changed or been wiped and then back on again. Yet it doesn't enter the BIOS it boots straight into Windows and works like normal but is a bit annoying on every boot.

Them 2 issues are the only reason it doesn't get the extra star to be honest.


What can I say? It's 2400Mhz RAM and it's Corsair so it's solid and runs great.


I started with a 840 EVO which I loved from day one and this is just more of the same but even better. Going to get an M.2 version as well which will be used for Windows and then uses this one for games.


Never had a problem with WD drives in all the time I've been in the IT industry so these are great for the money.

Video Card

I used to own an MSI AMD Radeon R9 390X Gaming 8G graphics card before this and I loved the performance from it but this thing is on a whole new level at almost double the performance.

The Asus version of this card is absolutely fantastic and all the horror stories of these overheating (mainly EVGA cards) is definitely not true with this card. Mine is running overclocked at 2164Mhz on the Core and the max temperature it reaches is 65C at max load (with a custom fan curve). The AMD with a custom fan curve and better TIM got to around 80C.

All fans on this card are independent too, depending on load it may use 1 fan, 2 fans, 3 fans or even no fans at all which is crazy when you open some games and notice not even one of the fans on. The AMD could turn its fans off too but got so hot it very rarely happened and would even turn them on during internet browsing. As I'm typing this now my Asus Strix isn't running any of it's fans.


Before I write anything about this case if you are looking for compact, lightweight or have a small room then stop looking at this case I assure you it isn't for you.

This case is massive, extremely heavy when loaded with hardware, completely impractical and not even that pretty to look at but my god I love it.

If like me you've bought this case or are looking at this case you already don't care about the above because you know what benefits this case offers you. It's fully modular for a start and you can even stack multiply X9's on top of each other if you're completely out of your mind and never plan on moving it EVER!!

I bought this with the intention of building a crazy system with insane water cooling capability and this delivers 100% I've currently got a 360 rad in there and it looks lost. I'm going to be putting a bigger 480 rad in there in a push-pull config and a second loop for the graphics card with another 480 in the same config. The fact that you can put 2 480 rads in push-pull side by side in this case and it even has a spare section at the bottom which will fit another 480 rad is just mind blowing.

With this case you don't make it look pretty on the outside but you can make the inside look out of this world.

My only gripe with this case so far is that I've been experiencing some vibration noise coming from the HDD mounts which is very irritating when the rest of the system is near silent. Something that can be resolved relatively easy I think but still annoying.

Power Supply

This is the most reliable PSU I've bought to date and runs my 4790K overclocked, GTX 1080 overclocked and a custom water loop without any issues at all.

Operating System

Best version of Windows to date.

Case Fan

Very quiet fans and have lasted a long time with no problems.


I bought this monitor as I do gaming and web design ect... so I needed a monitor that could do accurate colour reproduction but wouldn't be too slow for gaming and this monitor is excellent for both. Even the built in speakers on this monitor are actually worth using if you haven't got room for separate speaks as they are very good for monitor speakers.


I've owned this keyboard for over 10 years and it still works today. I will eventually change to a mechanical keyboard but definitely not for reliability as this thing is bomb proof and actually has anti-ghosting which some keyboards even today struggle with.


I've always loved Logitech products and this is no exception. It takes a little getting used to and I don't use it for every game as some games don't suit it and some require a lot of key mapping and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to that.

I've mainly been using this in ArmA 3 and it works excellent in it with a few custom key maps. Improves my speed in the game specially since there is so many keys to press in ArmA.


Almost all of my gaming mice have been Logitech and this is the best mouse I've not only ever owned but ever used.

Using this mouse in Counter-Strike with the settings just right for me has improved my accuracy a great deal and made me enjoy the game a lot more. Don't get me wrong don't buy this mouse or any other gaming mouse thinking it's going to suddenly make you better at games, IT WON'T! but it will help you improve your skills if you get your settings right.


Got this Mic for Twitch and YouTube but haven't actually used it for that much yet, though it has been used for in game voice on TS3 and Mumble and my friends say it sounds very clear.


Nice cheap way to light the case up from the inside and also has 3 light levels to get it just right.


I've used this card in both a separate PC to record from the main PC and Stream and also in the Main PC and it runs excellent in both configurations. It works so well that I've now decided to sell the second PC and just keep it in my Main PC.


I bought EK because of their reputation and I'm not disappointed in the slightest. This kit gives you everything you could need except distilled water (which is near impossible to get in the UK for some reason).

The instructions are very clear and everything works the way it should.


I love how deep this red is and it goes perfectly with my setup, unfortunately with UV it looks more pink but I'm not using UV any more anyway.

I think I will add white Pastel colour to this to make this red opaque.


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Looks nice, cables could be organized a bit better and not taped together? Beastly build though.

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Yeah, they ain't taped it's uv cable tidy but it's just temporary for now as I have plans to do more to it before getting the cables exactly where I want them.

I'm planning on getting a 480 Rad instead of the 360 and having push pull on the fans then upgrading the Res Tube to a bigger one (just for aesthetics).

Then I'll get another identical Pump Res combo and a graphics card Water Block and a second 480 Rad in the same config as the other for the second top rail.

I'm thinking black pastel dye for the graphics loop and the same red I already have but in pastel for the CPU loop.

Once I've got all that out of the way and working I'll go for hard tubing with bends and braid all the cables in black and red.

Let me know what you think of the idea

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Nice, sounds good. I don't run a custom water cooled loop. I run air, works fine for me. Custom loops are cool though. And yeah it will look nice.

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This is my second custom loop but the first was years ago so things have changed a lot since then. It's almost necessary with this CPU too as it gets extremely hot on air.

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I use a dark rock 3 and it's max tdp is like 195 or 225w and my CPU is only 95 watts I think. It's a beast of a cooler.

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Yeah them 6th gen CPU's are far better on temps to be honest. My 4th gen is not so nice on temps but with water cooling it's Overclocked to 4.7Ghz which you don't even see that often even with the new 6th/7th gen CPU's. With a massive voltage increase I achieved 5Ghz but the voltage was too dangerous for every day use.