I'm a poor college student and built myself a low budget computer. The initial total cost was only $500, but I've already added a few more things. at first I didn't have the cpu cooler, the optical drive, the mushkin SSD, and the Rosewill fan.

Anyways, I got the newest/ cheapest/ most "bang for the buck" parts that I could while leaving myself room for upgrades. I can add 2 more sticks of RAM and bring it up to 16gb, add in an M.2 SSD, and add several more hard drives. I only have one open PCI slot, but nothing to put in it anyways. In several years I can upgrade my CPU and GPU.

Part Reviews


Great CPU! I've only owned laptops before with speeds around 2 Ghz or lower so this feels so fast. The stock cooler kept the temps down pretty good too. when I stressed it using CPU-Z the temps only got up to around 62 C.

CPU Cooler

Decided to add this on because I want my processor to super healthy. it brought the temps down 10 degrees Celsius. keeps my i3 6100 around 51 C during stress test.

Thermal Compound

Heard it was good. made by same company as my case and cpu cooler. the reviews said it was good. seems like its working pretty good. keeps my i3 6100 at 51 C during stress test.


This mobo is working great for me. Other reviewers on newegg seem to have had problems. I haven't had any though.

Pros +


+4 ram slots


+6 SATA ports


-will have to remove RAM to get to the switch to remove the GPU when I upgrade someday one pci slot is blocked by my video card, but the other one is open and I'm not using it anyways


There is an orange light for the audio channel. I thought it was kinda cool. kinda bright. half blocked by my GPU. It can be turned off in the BIOS if you don't like it.


Not the RAM I wanted, but it was on a sweet combo deal with my gigabyte motherboard and I got it for $33. it would have been $39 without combo. nowdays all the ddr4 ram is over $50 so I won't be adding more for a while.

anyways, it seems to work just fine. I didn't have anything to compare it to though so I have no idea.


It's cheap and it seems to be working great.


Even cheaper than the OCZ 150, but the OCZ seems like a better quality SSD. This Muskin Eco3 just has the circuit board sticking out an opening for your SATA cables to attach to. so it doesn't have the clips or anything to help them stay attached. It has caused me troubles several times, when the SATA cable slips off (not all the way, just enough to cause problems, but you can't see it by looking at it) and suddenly I can't boot to windows and I'm freaking out. I just had to open the computer up and push the cable back on tight.

also, Newegg exclusive. I haven't needed it but I heard there isn't much support for this SSD.


This was a Christmas present. Would have cost around $70. I've never had so much storage in my life and I love it!

Video Card

I love this GPU, but it is my first video card and I only have a 1600 x 900 monitor. So it doesn't need to work as hard for my screen and I don't have any other cards to compare it too.

ran Heaven Benchmark and... I forgot the settings I used, I think I had it on high graphics and I didn't bother messing with vsync and aa, so i think they were off. anyways got ... i don't remember the fps. The temps stayed around 61 degrees Celsius.

you can probably look at specs for any other NOT overclocked gtx 950 and that would be what I got. this thing just uses less power. and can't use over 75w

knocked a star off for the rebate. Its been a few months and haven't received the $30 rebate yet. they did confirm that I should be getting it. hope it gets here someday. EDIT: Rebate finally arrived 4 months after sending it in.


It's a pretty good case. nice cable management, looks fancy, I like the two removable SSD trays. I like the power supply cover. nice big window. first desktop case I've had so can't compare.

don't get it for the fan controller though. I got a LEPA, Fractal design, cooler master, and a rosewill case fan. the fan controller made all of them buzz when on lower speeds. It was quieter to have the fans at full speed because they didn't buzz. the whoosh noise was pretty loud then. I did some research and I think this controller changes speed by turning the power on and off really fast for the fan, not by changing the voltage.

the fan that came with the case is pretty quiet, it did not buzz with the fan controller (it still buzzed but it was pretty quite), but it doesn't move much air. the other deepcool fan that I got with my CPU cooler didn't buzz very loudly with the controller either.

I got a 4 pin cable splitter and now am using the rosewill 140mm in the front connected with the splitter to my cpu fan header. (because my mobo wouldn't put enough power through the sysfan header to power two fans)

The cooler master 120mm is in the back connected to my only case fan header on my mobo.

It's pretty quiet and keeps my system pretty cool.

Power Supply

Working great so far. got it on sale with a $15 rebate. sent the paperwork in and got the rebate back 2 months before any other rebates came in.

Case Fan

I got the one with blue LEDs. I connected it to my mobo, and it doesn't think it needs to spin very fast. so it stays really quiet and the LEDs don't get very bright.

Case Fan

Working great for me. nice and quiet. blows air.

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  • 42 months ago
  • 2 points

$ 500.00 build with 2 SSD, not bad.

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

Yea I love it, I have Linux Mint on one and Windows 10 on the other.

takes about 15 sec to shutdown and restart into the other OS.

  • 42 months ago
  • 2 points

Everything looks to be thoughtfully selected and adequately paired. Nice job.

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks, I did put a lot of time into planning this. mostly because it's my first build and I couldn't afford to mess up.

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

I was wondering how you could turn off the orange light on the motherboard. I dislike orange lol.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

I found an option to turn off the audio LED in the bios settings under Peripherals.

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

The stock deep cool fan comes with a blue led?

  • 34 months ago
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  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

how did you enable the led? I don't have it

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Really? are you sure you have the Deepcool - GAMMAXX 400? the lights come on when the fan gets power, they might be dim if the fan is spinning really slow but you can't turn the lights off. either you got a different model or you got a defective product. maybe they put the wrong fan in.

Edit: sorry I just realized you were talking about the rear exhaust fan, not my deepcool cpu fan. The stock casefan that came with the case was just a plain black fan. no lights. I replaced it with the cooler master sickle flow. (its not actually the red version, I'm too lazy to change it.)

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