My first gaming pc build, wanted to go for something that will last me a while. Had a strict budget of no more then $1500 to get everything. Had it for just over a month and had a few niggles with it mostly because of hard drive problems and those god damn front panel connectors. Used mostly for stratergy games and web browsing.

CPU Went with the I5-7600 which is solid for the games I play which are more strategy games, I.e. Civ 5, EU4 etc. These games are more CPU intensive and this CPU plays them perfectly at 60FPS. Bought aftermarket cooler fan a few months after first built.

MOBO Excellent MOBO, probably overkill for what I do with my system but has plenty of opportunities to upgrade and expand in the future. Bios is easy to use as well.

RAM Went for a slightly cheaper ram but holds strong at 16GB at 2400mhz which again is probably overkill for what I do with the system.

GPU Went with the gtx 1060 because of what I do with the computer. Probably I little overpriced due to the market at the moment but works solidly for everything I do. Do plan to upgrade in the future to a 1070 so I can play higher graphic games in the future.

Storage Decided to try out a M.2 drive which is pretty cheap but it works like a sata should so no surprises there. Computer boots within 10-15 seconds which i love. Hard drives were from a family members old computer which died. Only got one of them working because for some reason the other would cause windows to try to auto repair it and be stuck on a black screen forever. Found out it maybe because the M.2 drive but haven't played with the cables yet to see if I can get it working.

PSU Solid cheapish PSU that was 80+ bronze 650 watts. Nice PSU but it did have a little bit of trouble lining up with the screw holes for the case.

Case Solid cheap case, cable management wasn't great in the case because of having a none modular power and the tie down points aren't great. Wired the front panel connectors through a tiny hole by the PSU but the PSU was to large and had to remove the PSU to get those cables through. The fan that comes with the case is pretty average and the LED's aren't anything to write home about.

Monitor Things way too big for its own good! Looks great as well.

Overall the build was pretty solid but had a few things that were annoying but ultimately fixed in the end. Plenty of opportunities to expand and upgrade the system when I have the money and time to do.

Part Reviews


Solid CPU but would be better with a better CPU fan.


Great MOBO and from MSI. All I have to say. Bios is a little funky but works.


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Posted a bit late sorry about that, finished this a few months ago just hadn't posted it.

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Did you have any serious problems with the i5-7600? I have been thinking of getting one but some people say that it has problems that have to do with how hot it gets.

Also did you have any problem with the Spectre/Meltdown problems?

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I've had no problems with my i5, it runs at around 30-35 at idle and when playing cpu intensive games it only reaches 60 or so degrees. If i were you i would grab a K version so you can overclock it if needed.

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