First PC build with power overwhelming specifications and living my dream!

Spent 2 weeks off working hours to finish assembling components from scratch with cable management.

Thank you PCPartPicker for allowing PC builders to have such a user-friendly & convenient platform to formulate & saving our own builds. This build has took me years to accumulate the necessary funds & to learn from reviews, forums, and most importantly, Youtube reviews!

I decided to start building this year as RTX has piqued my interests as the era-changing visual technology and Final Fantasy XV's graphics is just amazing! Had enough of dealing with HDD lags too :D

Credits & References:

  • Gamers' Nexus & BuildZoid (Actually Hardcore Overclocking channel) & de8auer - In-depth component reviews + detailed benchmarks & methods to overclock.

  • JayzTwoCents, LinusTechTips - Very useful knowledge on certain uncommon computer jargons & market information.

  • HardwareCanucks, BitWits, Tech Deals, KitGuru - Various hardware reviews & benchmarks.

  • Xtian C, TechMaxTV - Time lapsed PC builds, their videos came very handy when I actually started hands on.

Do check them out on YouTube if you are interested.

Build Experiences & Challenges:

  • Cable management took me the longest time due to motherboard's EATX form factor fittings in H500M ATX chassis, the braided cables, particularly 24-PIN cables & VGA cables provided by EVGA just can't bend as I willed. I had to leave the chassis cable management covers opened. Thus labelling the article as unfinished, I'm glad that Asus provided CableMod discount voucher in motherboard box. Working around with sleeved cable kits has been a swift, it enabled me to have the covers back in chassis once again! Should have ordered CableMod Pro Kits though, I ... ordered it wrongly Orz

  • Aside from reading & understanding manuals, figuring out which cable goes where, the sequence of assembling component and cable management has also consumed the most of my time.

  • Luckily I decided to put GPU last, thanks to JayzTwoCents advice from his PC build guide video, the build experience would have been even more tedious otherwise due to fans installation & cable management.

  • Also, I could not get Corsair Commander Pro to work with motherboard, hence reverted to direct connection to resolve CPU Fan Error on boot, rendering front 200mm fans to no LED lighting. Installed external fan controller came with motherboard at the back of chassis.

  • Asus ROG Ryujin 360 AiO's water pipes are blocking the RAM sticks view by default orientation, fortunately its software controller allows me to rotate its LiveDash orientation, now I can change the AiO orientation.

  • H500M chassis does not have enough clearance for Asus ROG Ryujin 360 AiO leftmost 140mm fan, I have moved the 140mm exhaust fan as bottom as possible but to no avail. Hence I had that AiO fan installed on the top of chassis with reverted direction (sticker on the top) as exhaust.

  • Asus OLED LiveDash's custom GIF feature is not working (conformed 160 x128 pixel & 1MB requirement). In the midst of troubleshooting, I will update here again.

Future Upgrades:

  • LED strips
  • Bigger desk
  • Theme the overall design
  • Keyboard & mat
  • ED strips & Raspberry Pi to enliven the chassis
  • 4K resolution monitor to activate RTX without activating Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), ghosting sighted whenever scrolling webpages.

Please note:

  • Currency used is SGD (USD:SGD = 1 : 1.46 at the point of ordering) & the build is reusing certain old parts.

  • CPU & GPU temperature given was tested under normal hot climate region & non-air-conditioned room, average ambient is about as high as 33 celsius & as low as 24 celsius.

  • CPU was ordered from Silion Lottery, Intel Core i9 9900K @ 5.0GHz Boxed Processor with delidding add-on service.

(Sorry for my bad English)

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Really quiet (my room has a tower fan and it's not audible at all to me) & aesthetically pleasing. High performer in cooling CPU.

I wish its water pipes to be longer & flexible to avoid blocking RAM sticks view, and OLED display to support 60FPS videos and larger file size.


Simply gorgeous. And you will love unboxing it too.


Most beautiful RAM design, ever! Works as advertised, 4000MHz C17-17-17-37 with Asus BIOS's XMP I.

New buyers please do check memory QVL of your motherboard before purchasing to avoid incompatibility/damaging the RAM.


Bought an USB adapter together with this to use as portable media, it's been very reliable and fast.


Fastest consumer grade SSD on Earth, coming from an ex-HDD user.

Video Card

Ultra high performance out of the box. Love its design as well.

Pricy. But much more justifiable than Matrix.


I was struggling between choosing this recommended by Gamers' Nexus & Asus TUF chassis recommeded by KitGuru. Deciding factor is it's able to fit 3 140mm fronttake fans and its neutral colour and design.

It could be better if it has :

  • slightly more room for EATX cable management without sacrificing vertical cover & grommets part in chassis

  • better clearance for top 420mm radiator AiO 140mm fans + 140mm rear exhaust fan

  • modular acrylic LED strips protector near the edges of chassis inwards for uniform lighting, or crystalized edges for G.Skill Royal series theme

Power Supply

Bought it about 3 years ago and never turn on, still kicking today. Appreciate if they could improve flexibility of cables.

Operating System

Very expensive in my country. But yea, thanks for continuously improving the system and keeping the Start Menu button.

Sound Card

Awesome sound, must have. It lasts for a long time too.

Case Fan

The only IP67 fan with revolutionary bearing system.


A really high end G-Sync monitor for gamer. The only complains I have would be its price and removable panel colour coating.


The ergonomic feel & sweat resistant is amazing.


Been using it for about 3 years, sound cans are working, except microphone. Its lightweight is a plus.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi, how does your CPU clock with the cooler? And how is sound when OC? Also - what is Gpu temps? - I think you forgot the CPU from the part-list description :)

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi, thanks for reading my build!

The temperature readings are stated on the bottom left of the parts list, while the CPU description is under the last part of the main description's note before Parts Review section (didn't include review as it's considered as Custom Part on PCPP, I think might not be valid for newbuyers). Performance review wise it's as expected, 5.0GHz full core, I had to tinker around BIOS settings for a few days as it's my first time experience :D

The acoustic level is at manageable rate when overclocking (I had it included in the Parts Review about the AiO cooler), as I have a noisy tower fan just beside me and I'm using headset most of the time :) (I don't have the tool to measure exact decibel reading yet, I will update here if I bought one)

I don't cap its settings to even run full 5.0 GHz all the times as it does level my room temperature to a more few degrees given how limited is my environment as of now.