This is my very first build. I have replaced a PSU and GPU before, but have never done anything else. Previously I owned an i5-4460 + GTX 950 Mini. This baby is now rocking an i7-8700k and GTX 1070Ti. Massive upgrade!

Note: New build. Not an upgrade. Just clarifying what I wrote earlier. I also don't know why my pics are such bad quality. It looks pretty cool in person.

What I love: I love the simplicity of this build. The case is a bit big and fancy, but everything inside the case is very clean and black. There's not a lot of colors going on (in fact there are only 2 components with lights, both of which I can turn off easily), and the color is very consistent: White, Black, and Grey. Though I really wanted my first custom built to have some RGB, so I purchased red fans and case lighting- and I love it.

The SSD and HDD combo is wonderful, tons of space! It boots up super fast, and even though GTA V still takes 3 years to load (even on the SSD), it is an absolute beast with everything else. Photoshop now runs perfectly smooth, and I don't have to compress everything. The Wireless adapter is wonderful! It has absolutely no problems with connecting, and sucks up all the Wi-Fi easily!

Graphics Card is super quiet, and stays relatively cool most of the time. CPU Fan looks stunning, and it came with a branded screwdriver. That was pretty awesome. Highly recommend it to everyone.

What I'm OK with: The flaps on the case aren't very resistant. Cable management is so easy with all the room in the back compartment, but I wish it were just as easy to hide cables coming into the computer. The window gets dirty easily. Not a big fan of that, but it's ok. The keyboard is super fun to type with, but I wish it had more color options (and brightness options- it's either bright or off.)

What bothers me: I realize that some components are mismatched. My Motherboard is on the lower end of MB's while my GPU is on the higher end. My case is on the higher end, while the case fans are on the low end. This is my fault, and I should have researched more.

The PSU came with little to no instructions on how to connect wires, and where to connect them. The Motherboard tried very hard to explain where to connect stuff, but inevitably I had to call a couple friends over to connect all the wires for me because it just got too much.

This monitor is either super bright or super dark. It's great for the price, but the brightness gets to you. Also 27 inches is tad too big in my opinion, though I feel that I am alone on this...

Case fans are super loud (I think). I might be more sensitive to it, but this computer feels louder than my previous one. To be fair, it has a crap ton more fans (11 fans including PSU, Case Fans, GPU, and CPU fan, versus 4 on the previous one). It's not as cool as I thought it would be (I really didn't know what to expect, but the GPU goes up to 68-72 degrees under load from GTA, COD, or Fortnite on High/Ultra settings).

Other thoughts: Chrome takes up a lot of ram. I mean a lot. It alone is taking up at least 3 gigs right now. I'm running 14 tabs, steam, discord, msi afterburner, and the typical other processes (Nvidia and what not) and right now 7 gigs is consumed. Bit excessive...

Computer is a bit pricey. I feel like (even though I saved a lot of money by using discounts, coupons, gift cards, points and what not) it could have been cheaper. I will be using this for engineering, graphics designing, and potentially streaming purposes so it makes sense for it to be powerful and expensive, but still...

Overall I am happy with the build. Cable management is not done yet.

Note: Blue yeti, Logitech G402 and G430 are marked free because I already had them for a couple years now. Everything else is newly bought. LED strip was not free, but because my Prime deliveries came in late, Amazon added $5 balance for each late delivery and I was able to buy the strip for free essentially. I mean I still spent money, but you know... Not out of my wallet.

Part Reviews


Got BO4 with it. Worth it.

Wish Intel would start upgrading their CPU's instead of becoming a cash grab. Do not get the i7-9700k. This is more than fine.

CPU Cooler

Looks wonderful, easy to assemble, and runs perfectly. Also comes with a screwdriver which I was happy to see. Fun surprise.

Overall, highly recommended. Taking 1 star off because I feel it could have been a bit quieter. Just a bit. Not a huge problem if you're not putting it on your desk next to your face.


Super clean looking motherboard. Nothing really to say here. Asus makes quality products. Happy with it.

Only problem: user guide is not very helpful for a beginner...


Worth it for the price point. They look super clean and minimalist. Very easily go up to their proper frequency, and have had no real problems with it.


An absolute must! Absolute steal for the price! Perfect amount of storage, and combine it with an HDD to maximize your space! Definitely recommend this, especially if you're graphics designing, or playing massive games.


No problems so far! Great for the price point, runs super smoothly, and super fast! Great for gaming, designing, and general storage! Highly recommended!

Video Card

I didn't get to peel my GPU... upset about that...

It is extremely long! Even with my behemoth of a case, it just about fits in. I recommend it for the price point, though be cautioned about the lack of RGB. I don't need any, regardless, but it may be a disappointing find for others. User manual is not very helpful for a beginner.


Lovely case. Lots of room to build in, lots of storage space. Lots of breathing room, and tons and tons of support for fans. Be cautioned though! It only has 2 dust filters: 1 for the front and 1 for the PSU. For all other fan slots, you need to buy a dust filter. Disappointing.

Power Supply

Works like it's supposed to. Great for the price!

Wireless Network Adapter

Fantastic! If you're looking for a network adapter, this is it! Definitely recommend it! Worthwhile investment!!


Absolutely perfect! No complaints! None!

If you're in the market for a mouse, and don't mind lack of RGB, get this!!


Good for the price. Make sure to turn off microphone feedback, the static will go away. It's fine otherwise. I don't actively use the microphone.


Perfect microphone. No complaints. More than worth it, regardless of your intent!


Wish it had more RGB, and more brightness options. Other than that, super sturdy, and gorgeous keyboard. Sounds wonderful!


Very, very, very bright. Colors don't match up with my previous monitor, but not a big complaint. Fine for the price.

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  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

How is the graphics card performance/reliability to this date? is it smooth, any issues ?

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey sorry for the incredibly late reply! I don't frequent this place much anymore.

No performance or reliability issues. Got some coil whine for the first time on Minecraft when fps exceeded 500. Other than that, looks good feels good!

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh that's fine. That's nice, would you recommend it over lets say, Asus ?

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

It's cheaper, it gets the job done, it's fairly high quality and looks really good. So if you can afford Asus, go for Asus. If you can't, this is the best alternative.