The first PC I ever built after coming from console gaming and a ROG Asus laptop that lasted me roughly 12 years of high-performance gaming. I tried to keep this more specific to my PC setup rather than my entire setup like many people on here do since the objective of this site is to help people create their rigs so there are some various parts I acquired over the years that I didn't include such as two 50 inch 4k smart TVs, controllers, mousepad, Switch, Both Nintendo Classic systems, Xbox One, PS4, Mac Mini, Klipsch Soundbar, Record Player, Various external hard drives for photography and files along with many other features some of which can be found on a public parts list on Newegg under the same name if anyone is that interested. My idea here was to create a PC that fits my needs and aesthetic while also being future proof and making something that can handle just about anything I could throw at it over a large period of time and I believe this did the trick nicely at a somewhat reasonable price point. Also before anyone jumps on some of my cable management issues I am not in a permanent environment so getting the perfect cable routes was not a concern for me although I try to keep them relatively clean. Images of my setup are just some quick photos I took on my phone but the background of my desktop and TV are part of the photography I do and you can check out much more on Instagram @Aust_n_found (shameless plug).

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  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Seems like an epic 2017/ 2018 build.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

thank you I worked hard at trying to put together the best future proof pc for my needs that fit in the space between cost-efficient as well as the things I wanted, so far so good :)

  • 19 days ago
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just wondering why do you have a wifi card, your motherboard has wifi on it