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by sinnick33


To start, explaining the name, my Common online name is Ganglyjank, so I was less than creative with the name

This is my first build, and a replacement for my 2012 27" iMac, it died after 3 years and after getting a quote of $800+ to potentially fix it, I decided to flip Apple the bird for good. I was getting more into PC gaming when it died, but for the most part it was purchased to accommodate my Wife's Photography Business, and was used secondary for my light gaming needs.

Well, after some thought I decided to leave behind my sub par iMac and console gaming and put on my Big Boy pants and build a PC. I had a budget in mind and wanted to keep it under $2000 CAD which I succeeded despite the current prices.

I would have liked to go for an i7 and a GTX 1070, but couldn't make it work. I had some criticism into taking the more expensive 27" 144hz monitor, but I was used to a 27" and knew I would be unhappy with a 24"


I gotta say, building a PC is extremely intimidating, but this case took away some of the burden, tons of room to work, easy for cable management. My only complaint about the case would be the area to hide cables behind the motherboard is a bit slim after putting the side panel on. I had to read a lot of directions to get the motherboard wired, but I had a friend come over and give me a hand so together we got Gangletron purring in no time. I was a bit disappointed that I have one empty hookup for the video card, the cables that came with the PSU are designed for two video card builds, so you can see one empty hook up hanging there that I couldn't hide unfortunantly. After getting it up and running, I only had the one LED Fan to give it a red lighting, later I will be adding a couple extra LED Fans, and possibly a red LED strip as well. Overall I'm quite happy with the build, and its a huge upgrade from what I am used to

Part Reviews will be posted when I have some time with the Rig

Part Reviews


Installed Windows 10 Pro in 10 minutes, boot up in under 10 seconds!

Video Card

tearing up any game I throw at it on Ultra settings. Coupled with a 144hz monitor, it doesn't disappoint


lots of room, PSU compartment and Wire hide, easy to work with and stock fans are silent

Operating System

easy and quick to install on a ssd, took about 10 minutes, people who are saying the didn't get a Key with their copy, are people who didn't bother looking. There is a little scratch spot on the packaging right on the Microsoft sticker.


crisp and clear. nice size, and price didn't break the bank. The stand would be my only gripe, it doesn't go up and down, just tilts, for most this may not be a big deal, but a 6'3". I'm always looking down on the monitor. I planned on buying a mount anyway, so not a huge deal

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RhettRO55 1 Build 3 points 26 months ago

Not bad for your first foray into PC building. FYI redo your RAM DIMMs, take the 2nd stick and move it over one slot so it will operate in Dual channel mode.

sinnick33 submitter 1 Build 2 points 26 months ago

ok excellent! TY!

RhettRO55 1 Build 3 points 26 months ago


Solemnsong 2 points 26 months ago

You are a good guy, I like seeing people giving constructive feedback thank you for making this community great!

RhettRO55 1 Build 3 points 26 months ago

I try, a certain few individuals test my patience but this site is based on just that, positive constructive feedback, crowd knowledge & helping those that might not know as much. You can always learn something each time you work on a PC and you are almost always guaranteed to learn something each time you browse this site or converse with its members.

weavv 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Welcome to the world of PC! We all applaud you for flipping Apple the bird! Any complaints abou the 1060? I'm thinking about going with one of those for a build i'm putting together right now.

sinnick33 submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Nothing yet, but my use has been limited as I just put this together yesterday. I will complete my reviews when I have an idea how it's going, I reviewed the G910 and the G502, as i've had those for a little bit before the rest showed up.

Solemnsong 1 point 26 months ago

I like this build rather similar specs to the white build I'm about to do. Sadly I still haven't received my white sleeved cables in for my rig +1

RhettRO55 1 Build 2 points 26 months ago

Are you getting new cable extensions or full sleeved modular cable replacements? If you have about $60 and a lot of patience you can sleeve your own. I did on a semi modular and it turned out "ok" (perfectionist) but Im about to sleeve a full modular one for my 2nd time around.

sinnick33 submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Yeah I eventually will replace the cables to make it prettier, but I had a budget to stick to, Ive been without a PC/Mac for 4 months now, so I was in a hurry just to build it for something to use. I will make small changes/upgrades in the next couple months

RossWay 1 point 26 months ago

I heard there are leds on this gpu can you change the color of the leds? And the orange on the gpu is that paint or the leds? Lol

sinnick33 submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

The GPU does not have LEDs, and the orange is just paint