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Red Build

by selmack


Main Gaming/Streaming PC

I Went with the red theme because that was the motherboard was red and black


the 6700k i got for around $200 USD (im Canadian so around $246CAD) From the Intel Retail Partner Program so that was a no brainier


was on sale for $200 and i had a $180 amazon Gift Card and I don't plan on doing sli personally I prefer to just buy a single powerful Card. The one click overclocking was actually quite impressive overclocking my 6700k to 4.6 stable would have liked one more m.2 slot. overall it was a good board for only spending $40


The H50 -Free Through Intel Retail Partner Program so that is why I am using it instead of something a bit stronger. also setting up a push pull it Runs Really Well for What is is


Corsair DDR4 2400 I payed about half Price for What it is worth now and got the second 16 gb kit for even cheaper (employee discounts aww yeah)

Hard drives

Samsung m.2 is for Windows + a few Games -Also got it on clearance for super cheap AData 500 ssd is exclusively for games
1tb Toshiba was from an old Rig and is used as a backup for storing files
Seagate 2tb is used for VMs and Recordings storage

Video Card -

For what I do in terms of gaming(Pubg,The Division, Assassins Creed, Rift) the 1070 is plenty and at the time I Could not afford a 1080. I also LOVE the look of the Strix line of Cards also the cooling solution on this case is amazing


Coming from a Define r5 I wanted the same look with tempered glass side panel,Sound Dampening and a power supply shroud, this was the best of both worlds. only issue is it is Just over half the size of the Define r5 in terms of length so a triple fan Video Card Just fits and while there is a nice cut out to manage cables with custom cable extensions you have to cram a bit to get everything to fit. I also

Power Supply

From my Old Build and was still working and plenty for what I needed so why upgrade if it works I Purchased some nice Red Cable Extensions and it turned out awesome


the ml Pro Fans I got for Super Cheap about 18 bucks a fan (Once again Employee Discounts for the Win) also the red Accents work well with the over all theme of the build


LG Monitor was From an Old build and i was running 2 of them so i figured i would use one as a secondary until I can afford a good 27 inch


Got it for around half the Price on Sale and was in my Spec Range Only Downside is the whites are very high giving it a washed out sort of look until you calibrate it a bit


The keyboard will be Replaced with a Corsair CORSAIR - Strafe RGB MX Silent in the Future overall other than the Orange Accent i love the 710+ an amazing keyboard


my Logitech g502 was acting up and i needed something as a sub it was cheap and now has grown on me


Super Comfy and Great sounding and long lasting battery. the Mic however is terrible good for basic stuff on teamspeak and skype but for streaming and recording it sucks. the cable that comes with it for charging is super easy to break being mini usb

Speakers - were just Random Set I had lying around Don't really use them for much other than if I'm cleaning and want some music on

Part Reviews

Video Card

Great Card and Awesome Cooling


Only Complaint is wish there would be more room between the Harddrive bay and the power supply to put cables, Could have made it a little longer and it would have been awesome. also a few more tie down points would be nice behind the mobo tray


Great Monitor with alot of neat little features and settings. would recommend calibrating it tho because out of the box it has a real washed out look


Super Comfy and Good sounding the Micro usb port wears out rather quickly, and the range is not very far, also the logitech software is a Pain sometimes


Decent for a cheap pair of speakers

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Grumpy_the_Grump 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

red and black is one of the best themes, i have it too

tconrado 1 point 12 months ago


do u think that the cpu rad would fit on top?

selmack submitter 1 Build 2 points 12 months ago

Any 120mm single rad would fit but would look weird.the h100i would probably any nzxt coolers would need to be on the front