This PC is the result of many months budgeting and deal-hunting, an aspiration i had since the beginning for this build was longevity so i wanted a little overkill in my components which is what lead me into picking these parts; i also went for a little aesthetics here and there too 'cause why not? By the time i gotten all the parts - assembly was pretty easy and was bereft of any significant issues.

UPDATE 30/07/19: Changed CPU Load Temp to reflect it during a synthetic benchmark.

Part Reviews


I bought this CPU a couple months ago and held onto it until i finally mustered up the rest of the parts, unfortunately by the time i finally did - Zen 2 came out a week later. I was tempted to sell the 2700X to get myself one of the newer CPUs, however, after using it for awhile i honestly think i don't even need to; this does everything i ever wanted and more! With Zen 2 out though i don't think i can recommend it now, but the prices for it are dropping like a rock - so if you're on a tight budget and find one on sale than you can't go wrong with it.

CPU Cooler

Underrated. Yeah, i think this cooler is underrated; seriously just look at it, it's easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing air coolers out there! Looks aren't everything though - and with the price it's generally asking for, you'd want results: i can tell you that it delivers. The Fryzen handles my 2700X quite easily while running whisper-quiet, another positive going in it's favour compared to many other high-end air coolers is how compact it is - so ram clearance is a total non-issue with it. However if there's anything about it that i can be picky about it's the installation.

Thermal Compound

High-end thermal paste, what is there to be said about Kryonaut that hasn't been said already? I didn't want to skimp out on something literally conducting the heat between the cooler and CPU - so i went with it. If you don't mind paying a little extra, i highly recommend it.


Pairing it with a 2700X: i managed to find this board for cheap, after doing a ton of research i figured it was best to go with the C6E despite it being an X370; it has a beefy VRM that's very comparable to the Crosshair Vii Hero, tons of fan headers, Postcode and USB Bios Flashback. I am very satisfied with this motherboard: ram running at 3200mhz no problem, VRM generally stays at 33.0° C, offset the CPU by 0.05V and the Wi-Fi is particularly useful to me. One potential downside is the fact it's an EATX - so you must make sure your case can fit it.

Video Card

This GPU is a beast! I'm sure everyone already knows that though. I got very lucky with this one; when i was in the process of gathering the parts for my PC this was the GPU i wanted, but for the price it was going for - it was assuredly out of my reach, however thanks to the arrival of RTX i managed to snag one of these on clearance for a deal that i couldn't miss. I intend to stick with this GPU for as long as it lives.

Power Supply

A heavily modified Seasonic PSU that's been dipped in ROG aesthetics and given an OLED screen to show real-time power draw - perfect for ROG enthusiasts and/or those who's cases have a transparent PSU shroud and want something to look at.

Case Fan

Nice looking fans with decent airflow and indiscriminate RGB support, they also come with a PWN fan-hub that was a mighty-big convenience for me.


I've actually owned these way before i even started building my PC, but these deserve a positive review - throughout the entire time i've owned them i have been very happy with these headphones and couldn't recommend them enough.


Imo this is probably the best looking case available - which is admittedly primarily why i went with it, but i didn't disregard taking into account the practicality of it; it was big enough to fit my EATX Motherboard, CPU Cooler and was fairly priced. The biggest potential issue that the case had was airflow, originally the side panel was used for an "exhaust" but as a youtuber named BPS Customs showed in his own review of it - it was completely useless for an exhaust, however it makes for a perfect intake; really makes me question why Deepcool didn't use it as an intake in the first place...

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  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Is that a PS2 controller? Miss those things!

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Sure is; massively prefer it over the bulky controllers which dominate nowadays.

  • 11 months ago
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  • 11 months ago
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Looks great! How are you liking the Fryzen? Is that load CPU temp with a synthetic benchmark or while gaming?

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! The temps were from gaming generally (including some known CPU intensive ones); i plan to do some benchmarks as well to really push it. Keep in mind i'm literally a newb so i'm a bit unaware of what an acceptable temp is - but from what i can tell the Fryzen is a beast and handles the 2700X extremely well and so does the motherboard.

The Fryzen's also the best looking aircooler imo.

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  • 4 months ago
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Nice first build! How has it been holding up? And of course, awesome price for that 1080 Ti, even today!