I went with the Ryzen R7 2700 over the 2700x because it was about AUD 90 cheaper. I expected to get a 4.2GHz all-core-overclock, but I couldn't even get to 4.1GHz. Finally settled at 4.0GHz @1.35V. I have thermal headroom but the CPU doesn't want to clock higher. Disappointed with the overclock, but I've never won the silicon lottery - ever.

I'm planning to get a higher-end 4000 series CPU (4950x) ones they become available. Zen 4 would require upgrading both the motherboard and RAM I reckon.

CPU Cooler

Bought the Noctua NH-D15S from NewEgg on a Black Friday sale. The only reason why I bought from overseas was that I would never have to claim warranty on an HSF. However, since the D15S doesn't have an AM4 variant unlike the NH-D15 (non-S model), I had to purchase the AM4 mounting kit separately. Noctua would send it for free - and I have ordered it from them as well - but their ETA was too long and I imagine I wouldn't receive it before Christmas.

The cooler is quiet and has zero clearance issues. Installation was easy because AMD motherboards come with the backplate preinstalled.


I went with the B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC mostly due to reviewing claiming that this board had decent VRMs for a B450 board. I don't have Ethernet to the room, so I wanted to buy one with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities as well. I was glad to find out that this board came with an Intel 9260 Wi-Fi chip.

Coming from an Asus motherboard, I don't like MSI bios, but so far it has not let me down.

The motherboard uses 2 EPS connectors (8-pin and a 4-pin), although people have said that it would work fine with just the 8-pin. For future CPU releases, having both connectors plugged in might come handy. I had to go for an overkill PSU just to get one with 2 EPS connectors.

Video card

Bought a second-hand MSI GTX 1080 for $475 from OverclockersAU. Just got it so haven't played any games on it yet, just the benchmarks. Got a moderate overclock going +100MHz (2037.5MHz) on the core but memory went up all the way to 12GHz effective from 10GHz.


I chose this specific model because these were on the motherboard's QVL rated at 3200MHz and more importantly because there were reports saying these were using Samsung B-Die chips. The ones in the build are not the ones I bought originally. I found out those had Hynix chips, and after a year I bought another kit to upgrade to 32GB and found out they had B-die chips! So I bought another kit immediately from the same shop which again had B-die chips and sold the old kit.

Unfortunately, despite having B-die chips, the CPU doesn't like to run all 4 sticks at 3200MHz. I had to settle for 2933MHz. :( But I'm planning to upgrade again once the Ryzen 4000 series comes out and I bet they will run 4 sticks just fine.


The Samsung 970 Evo was available for just AUD 139 (plus cashback) and it was a no-brainer. These were twice the price just a couple of months ago. These are pretty much up there as the best NVMe drives.

The two WD Green drives are from Japan. They are about 5 years old. I might need to upgrade them soon though.


The Meshify C Dark TG was available on sale as Scorptec, and reviews were really positive about the Meshify C. It offers good cooling because of the front mesh. It has a small footprint for an ATX case. Cable management was easy as well. Added couple more identical OEM fans bought from OverclockersAU second hand.

The dark TG glass hides the poop colour Noctua fan nicely.


The reviews on the Johnny Guru website were very positive about the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold series. I originally went with the 650W model but changed the order to the 850W because the motherboard was using two EPS connectors and because the 750W wasn't available anywhere. I didn't want the PSU to hold my overclock back - not now, not ever.

I could have bought an EVGA SuperNova for cheaper but they are so long and would not fit in the Meshify C. However, some of the cables are a pain to work with due to the inline capacitors.


Bought a month old Asus PG279Q from OCAU for a decent price. This is my first ever experience with a G-Sync panel. Have to do some gaming before I know if G-Sync does magic.

After I got into playing the F1 game, I bought an Acer X34P display, and while I don't have a good use for the Asus, I still keep it because that's a great monitor and I won't be able to find one for the same price again.

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  • 15 months ago
  • 2 points

I was the same way after upgrading from an FX 6300 to one of Intel’s new Coffee Lake i7s and upgrading from an RX 550 2 GB to a GTX 1060 3 GB. Before the upgrade, I was able to play Fallout 4 at 1366*768 at low settings (medium with the help of a driver update). Now my GTX 1060 absolutely crushes it at 1080p at ultra settings. The increase in TDP from 175 watts (old CPU + GPU combined) to 185 watts (current CPU + GPU combined) might have punched a bigger hole in my power bill, but the performance increase I got out of it was so worth it

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Just got a 2600 Yesterday goodbye Athlon X4 860K you wont be missed ever

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice PC. It is amazing how good of a PC you can get for your money. +1

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, and I've made half of what I spent already by selling my old PC.