My first build which some may be somewhat obvious. Mulled over for a weekend, purchased on impulse, and researched afterwards, everything somehow came together to make a decent enough low-to-mid-range gaming PC.

-What's it for?

Mostly browsing, some light gaming, and the occasional image edit or video encode. Really sort of standard general purpose.

-How did it work?

A Hat in Time will be the most intensive game I've tried on it so far, I was happy to see how well it ran on near max graphics. Most of my other games are fairly lightweight; older games and 2D platformers.

-Ryzen 3 1200

I'm something of a cheapskate which is what really attracted me to this. Seemed a good value and decent enough for anything I figured I would do. Has been a slight bottleneck in more demanding games but really it hasn't been much issue.

-B350 PC Mate ATX

"Look at all the expansion!" He said, seeing two PCI slots. Another victim of penny-pinching, this board may have incurred the heaviest buyer's remorse after seeing a couple more negative in-depth reviews and a Reddit comment critical of MSI as a whole. Still haven't overclocked because I let some anti-fanboy get to me.

-WD Blue SN500 SSD

Not the fastest drive and maybe not a board that can fully take advantage of it but if I wasn't blown away the first time I rebooted this computer. About 15 seconds from power button to lock screen which is the fastest I've ever experienced. Also doesn't need any "warm up" time after starting up which is a problem I've noticed with other computers through my life.

-Geforce GTX 1060 3GB

Seemingly bought during a lull in GPU prices as this card jumped up to $300+ the week after I bought it. Don't much see the value in getting the 6GB version for my purposes. I understand it's most useful in games with lots of high-resolution textures. But really had I been aware of the 1650 I feel I may have jumped at that. Happy regardless.

-Rosewill Challenger S

Very nice case if a bit tall for the desk. Hardly an eighth inch clearance between the top of it and the shelf. Initially I had severely wasted the cable management space and left the two front fans alone, no pictures of that unfortunately, but during a power outage some four months after first assembling I spent the whole day cleaning, rerouting, and rearranging. Spare connectors left in the hard drive bay where they hopefully won't block any airflow.

-EagleTec KG010

My first mechanical keyboard bought because of course I wanted one. Blue back light because sometimes I'm too lazy to go to my light switch if day turns to night while I'm at my computer. No RGB because that's expensive and EagleTec's RGB model is a barely programmable joke.

-The Rest

Desk is an Ikea Micke. Previously had the narrower version due to limited space and poor room layout. Tower was put under this older desk, again due to space limitations, where it was rather uncomfortable. Monitor is an Acer G205HL donated by a friend after I had announced I was building a PC. Due to the size of my old desk I was hoping for a 1080p monitor within 20 inches but that doesn't exist beyond laptops so 1600x900 will have to do. Mouse is a cheapo Logitech bought at Walmart for the laptop I had before this. Speakers are also cheapo Logitech but bought at a pawn shop for $10. Not much but I'm happy with them. Optical drive is cheapo LG bought from the same pawn shop for $15. Had a Rob Zombie CD in it when I first plugged it in to try it out. Hope the previous owner doesn't miss it.

-The future/Upgrade Path

The obvious is more ram which realistically I probably don't need with the games I play. What may do me better is a Ryzen 5 1600 or 2600. I don't think I need a faster SSD but I will likely replace the HDD with a SATA SSD because I'm sick of waiting for it to spin up. Ideally I would like a smaller case that would fit better in my desk, maybe even enough to get the second shelf in, unfortunately I would need a smaller mobo for that and I'll likely hold on to the one I have until I'm ready to do my next full build.

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  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Just FYI, the 1060 3gb is not just a reduction in memory, but also in CUDA cores. So it won’t be as powerful as a 6gb version. It’s very misleading

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

He created his account on Hitler's birthday lol

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

I would go with the 2600

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

I used a the Challenger S for my first build. Great case, and this is also a great build.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

You have good gpu but bad cpu what you should always do is get a better cpu first