Computer will be used as a workstation. I used pcpartpicker for ideas and wanted to add some photos of my build in case they are useful to other people. The build and configuration all went smoothly.

Some notes:

i) Configured the fan speed profile for the bottom intake fan using the UEFI. The fan speed is set to react to the CPU temperature.

ii) Configured the radiator fan speed profile using Corsair Link. The radiator fan speeds react to the temperature of the liquid rather than the CPU.

Corsair Link screen image displaying a CPU temp of 65 degrees Celsius is after running the Prime95 Small FFTs test for 30 minutes. Temperatures were stable after that. CPU is not overclocked.

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  • 15 months ago
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How are temp on cpu now have they changed at all since you got it? I am torn between the 7940x and 9920x both similar pricing currently but I would rather not delid the 7940x nor would I be oc anything absurd

  • 14 months ago
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The 7940x is easy to keep relatively cool provided you are not pushing it by overclocking, which I've never tried. I have adjusted the fan profiles to minimize the noise from the radiator fans and the highest cpu temperature i've ever seen when stress testing is 72 C. Max temp is 105 C. I'm keen to try the new Noctua NH-U12S air cpu cooler when it becomes available.

The bigger concern is the AIO cooler water temperature. I like to keep that below 45 C. I read and watched many reviews on the AIO coolers and don't recall anyone talking about or reporting the water temperature.

I purchased the 7940x because I wanted decent single-core performance and strong multi-core performance as well as AVX-512 support. If I had to make the choice between the 7940x and 9920x then I would be looking at the benchmarks for multi-core performance e.g. passmark. If the 9920x was similar to the 7940x then I'd buy the 9920x. There's no data on for the 9920x yet.