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Asus predator PC Repair

by Fr1ght3n


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Date Published

Sept. 21, 2015

Date Built

Sept. 17, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

3.4 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.033 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

6.008 GHz


So some dude i worked with asked me if he would fix his computer, he said the hard drive had failed, the graphics card wouldnt post in the motherboard it was in, and that the screen would stay red when you would boot it from the motherboard. I made the executive decision that he needed a new motherboard, and hard drives. I proceeded to order the parts and wait for them to come. After about 2 days, only the motherboard and the mechanical hard drive came. The ssd got delayed by a few days. I went to put the motherboard in the case, but to my supprise, the case used non standard front pannel connectors... great, now i have to get a new case. Then came the next struggle. Taking everything out of the old case. Now i had to kind of break everything in the old case to get it out. The case was rivited together and i could not get the dmn thing apart. I ended up destroying the old case just to get the disk drive out. Oh well, it was actually quite fun. When the new case came i put everything in, and powered it on....... aaaaaaaaannnddddddd, FCKING NOTHING. I then spent the next 2 hours taking out the ram, unplugging the graphics card. Using a different power supply, and nothing seemed to work. Im not sure why i decided to look in the screw bag, but i did, and i saw these nice male to female screw things, and the light bulb hit. I didnt put the standoffs in. Once i put the standoffs in, the pc started up right away no issues. So what did i learn from this. Always follow the directions and not just file them away in the trash. I only charged him around $50 for labor and full price for all parts. So i mean i didnt make much money on this, but i saved him around $250 from the estimate that bestbuy gave him to fix his pc, so i did feel quite good about myself.

Part Reviews


Cheap, works, small, it fits nice in small cases and it doesnt look that bad really. I just wish it had more fan headers, has one, plus the cpu fan. so 2 total


Pretty cheap ram that looks pretty well. 16gb. I mean the color scheme is nuetral for the most part. it works so i guess a 5


6/5 fast large(ish). Very reliable for the average consumer, and better than the seagate option, so i mean it deserves 5 stars

Video Card

If the card 2gb it would be so much better. Its about 2/3 the speed of a r9 280x, but has 1gb of vram. It could be better, but it runs pretty well for the age of the card. 3/5 stars


got this case hoping it wouldnt feel cheap, it surpassed my intentions, and looks very clean. has room in the back for smaller fans, and an openable cage in the front that fits larger fans. The included fan is very quiet. Beware, and normal to larger size graphics cards will block drive bays. I had to ghetto mount the hard drive in a disk drive mount. Oh well, it worked well and did hide the cables better. 5/5

Power Supply

Dont know what the real power supply is, but it feels cheap. I dont like it. But it does work. With crappy cables so thats all i have to say

Operating System

yay windows 7, but i prefer windows 10.,

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vVTyfighterVv 1 Build 2 points 42 months ago

You didn't put standoffs in?!! You're very lucky you didn't brick the mobo.

gugu96 19 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

+1 for the dmn thing desctruction

citsolutions 18 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

All good in the end and at least its running.

But always look at instructions, I have built too many to even count and still I need to check through instructions before I start.

AwesomeBuilderXE1901 3 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

i thin it's an acer ....tht's what it says on the case

tiny_voices 4 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

The PSU is an OEM group regulated unit manufacturer in FSP's plant. It is likely tier 4 quality. You can see by the label that it is actually a 406w unit, not 500w.

Fr1ght3n submitter 4 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

Thanks. I couldnt find anything on it, so thank you!

tiny_voices 4 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

No problem.

Cola_Gaming -1 points 41 months ago