This build has been a veritable ship of Theseus, starting allll the way back here ( with the only remaining part being the 240GB SSD. Before even that, I came from a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000, trying my hardest to break 60fps on Skyrim. I'm sure there's more to come in the future but for now, I am finally content with my build and don't see a reason to upgrade in the near future. I'm uploading this on a bit of a whim so I won't be too long winded, but if anyone wants more pictures or has questions, please ask away!

Part Reviews


Bought this from /r/HardwareSwap, came delided with a custom copper IHS. OC's to 5GHz easy, above that it can get finicky but 5 is plenty for me.

CPU Cooler

This thing is a beast and the size of my head. Would recommend, even over a 240mm AIO.


Bought this used from Amazon, needs an RMA since the RAM slots are buggy and not working properly. I'm sure it's a good board, mine just doesn't work well.


It's RAM. Works well enough when the motherboard doesn't bug it up


Going strong for 3+ years, this has migrated from being an OS main drive to being a secondary drive for games. Would strongly recommend to anyone on a budget.


Bought from /u/MigAngBau, it was crazy cheap at the time. Good drive, would recommend.

Video Card

Crazy overkill. Awesome card, stays relatively cool in the sound dampened case.


Roomy case, lots of room for cable management. Could do with a PSU shroud, but still a great case.


Single greatest upgrade after the GPU. Would recommend, especially at this price.


  • 12 months ago
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What is to the left of your keyboard?

  • 12 months ago
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That's the little USB soundcard that comes with the hyperx cloud ii's.

  • 12 months ago
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The HyperX Cloud ii dongle?

  • 12 months ago
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Got it, didn't know what it was. I have the cloud flight wireless, it's just a USB Dongle. Build is seriously clean, nice job.

  • 12 months ago
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Thanks! Still need to clean up under the desk, you can't see it for a reason haha

  • 11 months ago
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what desk u got my g