As an aging gamer, I've started using my machine less for gaming, and more for simultaneous tasks. And running triple monitors gives me the screen real estate to multitask heavily.

Enter Deus Ex Computatrum: My Multitasking Workhorse. A decent gaming machine that can game and do other tasks at the same time.

This is an upgrade that was a long time needed. Going from 4 cores to 16, 32 gb memory to 64 gb, and a GTX 970 to RTX 2080. This will drive a 27" 1440p 144hz Asus monitor, flanked by two 1080p LG side monitors (hard to believe my old GTX 970 was driving those).

CPU benchmarking was done with AIDA64 Extreme. Idle temps are 26 degrees. Ambient temps were 23 C.

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I've owned MSI boards before, and had no real issues. MSI, for the most part, has ok motherboard software. As in it works as intended. I like Live Update because it's a central place to keep all your drivers updated. Their boost clock overclocking software has worked for me before (I usually stay with the boost, or turbo envelope). So I decided to stay with the familiar and go MSI again. And hey, this has RGB control! Bonus!

Yeah, about that. This board has Mystic Light, which is one of the most buggy, fractured pieces of "software" MSI has published. There are three different versions, all for different boards or chipsets. This program can't do much of anything, except sometimes change the colors. Which segues into the worst problem I found with this motherboard:

This motherboard only supports regular 5050 4 pin RGB. Forget about the 3 pin addressable (or digital, as Phanteks calls it) RGB. I figured this out after I was trying to connect the lights on my new Evolv X case. Regular 4 pin RGB can only display one color at a time. So no rainbow effects from the RGB pinouts on this board.

Other that that, it runs fine where it counts. I guess if the worst problem I found was superficial RGB, then so be it.

5 stars for performance; -1 star for RGB foolery

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I know no sh** about Latin, but i do know that is one hell of a machine. Smoothly done!

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Computer god