After 10 Plus years, I decided to rebuild my original Lian-Li Desktop. Great cases.
The build started with the purchase of Lian-Li PC-O6SX case. I love the brand and also like that this one was wall mounted. I did not go with the PC-O5 as I preferred the Micro-atx motherboard and the size difference was minimal. Once the case was purchased I began building out and purchasing parts slowly as prices and opportunities lined up. The NZXT X52 was selected due to the size and it would fit inside the top of the case.

Part Reviews


Very solid chip, may have went Ryzen if it was out but this chip is quick.

CPU Cooler

Awesome little cooler, very nice and worth the price. Would purchase again. Make sure to get the X52 if you are going to install in the Lian-Li PC-O6S case. Also be sure to have a left angle power supply cable.

Thermal Compound

It's Thermal paste.


Love this motherboard. Wish it had a better driver page downloads.


Great Ram for the price. Looks nice and is clean, syncs with motherboard well.


Perfect SSD for the price, pairs well with a hybrid drive.


Great drive for the price and storage.


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