This is just a 'little' upgrade to my first PC build. The Mobo and CPU remain from Aug 15 but I now have a new NVME, AIO and a little overkill on the GPU. I couldn't resist. This is in preparation for moving to a new house, I will update with images when that is complete as the PC will be in a lodge with a cinema style projector setup. I've attached images of the build so far for your viewing pleasure.

I had a lot of fun updating this PC, I got into the cable management and had a go at making it all neater and tidier and I have made an effort in tidying the desk space. Cable management pics will be available soon.

I think the future update will be a hard line water cooling system and a new 4k monitor. I am more than happy at 1440p but if I can't tax the 1080ti I might need a little upgrade.

The H440 is still a fantastic case however I did struggle to get the X62 due to cabling, this is my first AIO and I am very pleased with the hardware.

I foresee that people will comment on the keyboard. I had a mechanical keyboard but it was too loud for my partner to sleep at night ... This will do for now. I will upgrade in the future.

For anyone interested it is a noble chair. Really comfortable compared with my cheap ikea one before.

Thanks for reading.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Looks fantastic, works perfectly. It was very easy to install and keeps everything nice and cool.


For file transfers nothing compares. I'm staggered with the time saved compared with an SSD.

Video Card

Wow, I thought my Strix 980ti was fast but this is something else. The performance and the temperatures are ridiculous. I'm struggling to get it above 60c. The 980ti almost always ran at 83c. Apart from the price, this is a fantastic card, the led's are subtle, something I was looking for. It eats everything that I throw at it so far.


Still love the case. Easy to cable manage and even if you do have extensions it hides them well.


1440p, IPS, low lag. Great viewing angles, great colours. The only thing that I don't like is the gloss but that can be fixed with a mount.


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What kind of speakers are those?

  • 30 months ago
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Paolo Alto Cubik HD, they are currently £75. I think they rrp at more, 75 seems reasonable to me, the sound quality is excellent although I only have experience of cheap speakers or surround sound...

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Thanks, man.

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Think you could have gotten a nicer keyboard...... but i like the theme!

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