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by DexterW



Date Published

Oct. 31, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

980 MHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

5.5 GHz


To start with I am terribly sorry for the crappy pictures. Its the only pictures I have before the client took her PC back to school! :(

I'm back again with another build for my buddies girlfriend! I was told by my buddy that everyone at his college loved the computer I put together for him (its Bjorn in my builds if you want to see) even his girlfriend was blown away by it. So much in fact that she wanted me to make her one too.

She had only two rules about the build: Under $1000 (She wanted closer to $600 which I did and she bought the headset and monitor later after I did the build which made the price close to $850) and it has to be able to play most games at high graphics or better. For me, that's no problem.

The hard drives were a free gift from me that I had lying around. That also helped keep the price down by almost $100. The rest of the parts I picked out based on looks and quality. I cant be any happier with the selection. I haven't got to use the computer myself so I cant talk about how they're working out but from what I've heard from her, everything is smooth sailing. I'm going to talk about install and features that I looked at for the build.

CPU: I'm not smarty when it comes to AMD but after my buddy had the horrible bottleneck issues with his A10 in my Bjorn build I knew I should look towards the FX series for sure. The 6300 isn't the top of the line from what I understand but for the performance you get out of it its amazing! With a decent clock rate it can handle most of the games she plays with no problem. Works well paired with the 380 also.

CPU Cooler: She didn't want water cooling because it just seemed scary for her being at school and not knowing what to do if something happened so we went with air cooling. This CPU cooler does a fantastic job keeping temps low and looking great. The design is unlike anything else and really stands out in the case window. It also filled up a lot of extra room in the PC to give a more fuller look. The Blue LED is nice and bright too. Its very quiet and virtually noiseless especially since she uses a headset most of the time.

Motherboard: while not loaded with features, this motherboard is a solid choice when on a budget. With MSI quality and blue color scheme to fit the build it was a no brainier. Setup was a breeze and everything worked right off the bat. She wasn't going to Crossfire in the future either so I dint have to look for a board that supported it. Its not the prettiest motherboard either but there are far more uglier boards in the budget category that's for sure. I know I talk a lot about the looks but that's because for her being a girl she also wanted it to look as nice as possible for the money and performance.

Memory: Hyperx in blue. Nothing special, works well no problems. The finish looks great too.

Storage: Spare hard drives. They're spacious and they work.

Graphics Card: She didn't need anything insanely powerful considering the type of games she plays but she did mention that she wanted whatever was the newest. Out of any of her parts she wanted the graphics card to be the most up to date. The MSI 380 is a fantastic little card and the white and black armor looks amazing too. Granted you cant see too much of it in this case. It is pretty quite also and has no overclocking done to it. Only con I have is with AMD itself, I'm a Nvidia user and I could not for the love of god wrap my head around certain settings and other stuff in "Catalyst controls". I might just be dumb but man it was a lot to learn for me that's for sure. First time I've every read a manual that in depth!

Case: She wanted something that would stand out and that was also white. The Prodigy M is a great little case but for me it was a pain to work in. I'm not a fan of the front mounted PSU and the very limited cable management area but I made due. The case looks great from the outside and when I was all done, the inside looked nice too. Ordered the window panel separate. I also am concerned with the material they used for the handles on the top and bottom. Its meant to be flexible and strong but when your computer is on the desk it can "rock" back and forth if slightly bumped or something. Its scary but I don't think it would ever fall.

PSU: After reading a billion comments on PCpartspicker and other reviews around the internet I went with SeaSonic. with her being at school I knew she would need something reliable so I didn't really have much choice. I'm glad I went with it. Flat cables helped a lot in cable management and the PSU actually looks quiet nice.

Keyboard / Mouse: CM Storm Devastator bundle never fails!

That's all I'm going to blab cause I'm sure you are tired of reading anyway! If you made it this far, Thank you for looking at another build of mine and I hope you enjoy looking and reading my post! Any questions or comments about the build would be happily appreciated!

Ill be back with 1 new build post and an overhaul post of my personal rig in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for DexterW! :P

Thanks again!

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AMD-Daniel 2 points 42 months ago

Wooow ...what a beautiful micro atx gaming rig!!! Processed very tidy. I´m sure the new owner will have a lot of fun.

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

she does. she just finished all the Bioshocks and said his computer gave her a great gaming experience!

AMD-Daniel 2 points 42 months ago

I have no doubts! (:

boss1234100 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

you could have got a better motherboard that could actually overclock for little more money http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asrock-motherboard-970mpro3

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

Damn. I must have overlooked that. I really should have got that instead. ASrock is one of my favorite brands too, thanks for the comment

Vergere 7 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

Lovely read in the description, and I've seen worse photos.

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

wel thank you. I just felt like I shoulda turned the LED off to be able to see better but these photos will have to do I suppose

CQC 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

Great build. I've worked with the mini ITX version of this case and it was a great experience. Keep up the good work!

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

Is the mini itx case itself any smaller in size ? I know the inside is a bit different but I mean like HxWxD of the case as a whole. And thanks for the comment!

CQC 11 Builds 0 points 42 months ago

From Amazon's listings on both cases as followed below.

yours: 14.14 x 9.85 x 16 inches http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T2WIRUC/?tag=pcpapi-20

the one I used: 9.84 x 15.91 x 14.13 inches http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DSHZ47Q/?tag=pcpapi-20

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

So literally almost the same dimensions. Well that's neat. It's easier to picture since I've worked with the micro

Monsimeph 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

I usually can't care less how computer looks. It needs to get the work done, not to be pretty. But man... this is one sexy case! And Zalman looks so much better than standardized ugly shaped heatsinks! Great choice!

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

I completely agree. It's my favorite looking air cooler by far. It's just so unique and with the dark nickel coating it looks even better

tiny_voices 4 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

I own 2 of those. They are AMAZING coolers. Between h80i and h100i performance for $45. Cannot beat it.

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

They look amazing too am I right? for $45 you really cant beat it

BadassPanther 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

Pretty awesome AMD build! +1!

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

Thanks ! I don't do AMD much but I think I did aright on the parts.

OAcesync 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

Good build BTW catalyst control is the equivalent of the Nvidia control panel and imo I found it easier to navigate through than the control panel but then again it might be completely different from the last time I used it :p

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

You're crazy! Control panel is so much easier :p lol but luckily I didn't have to try and figure out too much, I left it up to my client to understand her computer after I did initial setup

OAcesync 1 Build 1 point 42 months ago

To each their own I guess, if you've been on Nvidia all the time I guess it's only natural you'd find AMD CCC weird

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

And that is exactly why it felt weird too me, if I used AMD I'm sure id find it easier too

WG_Bowzy 1 point 38 months ago

I think so to thanks so much for posting this build it helped me so much I was going to get the MSI GeForce GGTX 960 GPU but than I saw your rig now im getting the MSI Radeon R9 380 but im getting the RED version no the white version.

Thank you

WG_Bowzy 1 point 38 months ago

how good did your pc run when you had it?

DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 38 months ago

This PC? Im not entirely sure, I installed OS and the girl took it to school. She said thats its ran anything shes played no problem. From Bioshock Infinite to ESO and a few in between. The 380 is a great budget card.

[comment deleted by staff]
DexterW submitter 11 Builds 2 points 42 months ago

I know :( I shoulda taken a couple photos with them on but I dont have the build anymore. Im sorry for the crappy photos! surprisinly thats only one 8 inch LED strip too

[comment deleted]
DexterW submitter 11 Builds 1 point 42 months ago

It's very true. White wit anything will pop and look amazing. But she also wanted to white and blue cause they were her favorite colors too,