After years of research/planning (read: window-shopping), I finally had the means to make this happen. Ever since my first real "gaming PC" (a CyberPowerPC pre-built, which is included as my girlfriend's gaming/workstation PC in this new setup), it was just a taste and I wanted the real thing. So from the ground up, I DIY'd a modular L-shaped desk (comes apart, so down the line in a bigger space I may upgrade it or reconfigure it) to hold the new dual battlestation. Ordered the parts, mostly on Amazon Prime, and they all arrived within a few days (save for the CableMod cables, which came later). All that remained was, over the course of one long weekend, to completely empty the room, clean it from top to bottom, assemble the desk, and rebuild the room around the desk. Then, the final step was to assemble the computer itself, and I'm pleased to say that my first assemble went flawlessly, and it all started and lit up properly on the first powerup. Cable management was forgone until the CableMod package arrived, at which point I tore it all back apart and did a proper job, for which I'd give myself a conservative C+ to B rating.

The room was already basically my gaming/music/alcohol cave, but now with the new dual-PC setup for my girl and I to enjoy, the room is truly just an awesome place to be.

The $4 WalMart LED strips along the back of the desk might be over-the-top, but it really brought it together. I'm the type that keeps xmas lights up year-round because I love the warmth of multicolored lighting in a darkened room. I'm most proud of the desk itself, I think it came out great.

I do plan to implement a more permanent cable management solution underneath the desk to deal with all the peripherals and power cables more cleanly, but it doesn't look too bad at the moment. I have the old tower, and the modem on the other end, sitting on some extra shelves I had laying around so they're not on carpet. I really underestimated how big 2 34" UW monitors were, so the extra room saved by putting the older PC on the floor was vital.

(CBA to sort out "inventory" vs "purchased" vs whatever else so the calculated cost may not reflect properly)

Part Reviews


Wanted to go top-of-the-line Intel here. I am not OC'ing at the moment, but I wanted the option. No complaints so far! Lightning fast and no temp issues with the big cooler I got.

CPU Cooler

Big and beautiful. Keeps CPU cool without breaking a sweat, and plenty of oomph should I decide to OC down the line. I replaced the included fans with LL120s, as well as 3 more for push/pull (as intake on the front).


Compromised here, as most 'top-of-the-line' mobos just mean paying for a bunch of features I don't need. Only one quibble with this; while re-managing cables, the USB 3.1 header guide came off with the cable, and then was impossible to reattach. I managed to pry the guide/shroud off the cable and had to plug the cable into the pins without the guide. Part of me wants to try and get ASUS to replace it for this, but the other part of me really doesn't want to tear the system apart again.


Fast and beautiful. I went for the sweet spot of clock speed and latency, as you seem to get diminishing returns (especially when compared to cost) as you pass the 3200 mark and latencies increase. I went with 16GB because I figure 32GB is overkill for current games, and there's no point in "futureproofing" here because by the time games actually need 32GB we'll probably be on DDR5.


Definitely overkill, but I figured if I was doing an over-the-top dream build, why bother with the usual "tiny m.2 SSD for your OS, big 2.5 SSD for storage" setup and just go all out and get a huge m.2 SSD, and then I don't have to triage which games I want to load quickly or not, or only have a few installed at a time.

Video Card

Runs everything I play without even noticing it's doing it. Futureproof for years hopefully, and a MASSIVE upgrade over my old system. Sags a bit, as all large cards do, but that's easily solved with an aftermarket brace, I just have to pick one. This baby is running dual 34" 3440x1440 monitors via DisplayPort with no issues (other than only one of the monitors waking up on startup sometimes, but I believe that's a Windows 10/driver issue, not the card/monitor).


I was trying to choose between form or function, and figured "why not both?" Going with a huge m.2 SSD, I was able to remove the two 3.5 HDD trays, and 2/3 of the 2.5 SSD brackets, in the back panel in order to use all that space for cable management. The included Commander Pro fan/lighting hub came mounted where the 3rd 2.5 SSD would go, which is fine with me. Plenty of room for what I wanted to do, but if you plan to use this case and fill up the hard drive slots as well as jam it full of lights and fans, your cable management game better be stronk af.

Power Supply

Enough W to run everything plus some headroom. However, if I ever plan to OC and use the extra 4pin ATX/12V CPU power input on the mobo, I would need to upgrade as there are no more available ATX/12V outputs.

Operating System

The first rule of Windows 10 is you don't talk about Windows 8. The second rule of Windows 10 is you don't talk about Windows 8.

Case Fan

Went with 2x140mm fans for exhaust out the top instead of 3x120mm on a whim, and I'm lucky I did as the Commander Pro + H150i can only control 9 fans between them, so I'd've had to run the 10th fan off the mobo itself.


Huge and gorgeous. Two of these monsters is absolute hedonism and I love it. Tiny quibbles: - the included DP cable for the left monitor barely reaches past the right monitor to the PC - the USB hub input cable for the left monitor cannot reach past the right monitor to the PC (this is not an issue at the moment, as I have more than enough USB ports between the PC, the right monitor, and even my frickin' router) I don't blame them for this, as they probably never imagined anyone in their right mind would use two of these behemoths at the same time...and if I really want, I can just get longer cables.


I wish it would store actions/macros on the device memory like the product info implies (but doesn't outright state), because it would be nice to just have pretty lights and all my shortcuts without having iCue running in the background.


I rarely even use headphones, but honestly I just wanted a complete set of RGB peripherals.


I don't believe they make these anymore, or at least there's a new version now. But they are fantastic little speakers. They have a sub out connection, but I do not have a sub at the moment as they don't make one that matches.


Luxury is subtle. No obnoxious colors or patterns, but still racer-style. Sprung for the real leather and was not disappointed. None of that freezing cold sticky pleather, or cloth that gets dirty in seconds. You'll want to sit in this naked.


Cheap legs for the desk. Seem sketchy but are solid so far.


Nice and clean. I even used their SATA power cables, although they can't be seen, as they had less connectors and weren't as long to deal with.

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  • 9 months ago
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Daaaaaaaaam son, now I'm jealous. Nicely done! +1

  • 8 months ago
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Dude, get the Glorious Model O mouse. It looks great and is THE best gaming mouse.