I suppose I should start gathering my thoughts on what will be my first build.

I've been a long time lurker on PC Part Picker, and will continue to do so, as it makes my dreamer/budget fantasies more real. I've been kicking around the idea of building a PC for the past 6 months, as my laptop (Alienware 13 R1) has been getting slower and slower. Plus my want to play AAA games isn't cutting it on that laptop (I'm playing Far Cry 5 on the Lowest settings, and I'm only getting 25-30 fps, and its lagged to hell).

I originally wanted to go with a budget build, as it's going to be my first go at this, and I'm uncertain if I will enjoy PC gaming for more than a short stint. Well, this went out the door when I was browsing through Facebook Marketplace and grabbed an Asus 1080 ti Poseidon used for $400. Crap on a stick, in the best way possible. Now my whole idea of budget build gets thrown out the window.

CPU - Originally I purchased a Ryzen 3600x, only to be baffled by MSI's B450 board catastrophe, and along with my newness to PC building and gaming, I can't take the instability of the new chip. I went out to Micro Center and grabbed a 2700X for $219. I'll be using the stock cooler as well. Since this is my first build and I am going to be new to overclocking, I decided that the X model wouldn't have to be touched for a while.

Motherboard - A few things that I needed to tick the boxes with: since I wanted to go with a B450 board to save money. Another was I wanted to use just M.2 SSD's, and this B450 Pro Carbon board has two slots. Final thing I wanted was a wifi connection, just in case the need arises. Instead of buying one separate for an additional 30 bucks, I purchased the board that comes with Wifi. Win.

Memory - DDR4 3200, in white. Nothing special, but fits the aesthetic of the board.

Storage - I will never go buy an HDD ever again, the one in my laptop is terrible. I went with the Adata 1TB M.2. Ultra fast read and write speeds, Windows boots in under 10 seconds.

GPU - I kicked this build off by finding a local deal on a 1080 Ti, and this is what blew my budget plans out the window. The original owner had a custom water loop with SLI, so I don't believe it never got too hot or worked.

Part Reviews


Great CPU, I am able to boost to 4.15 GHz stable through Game Boost. Got it on sale when Zen 2 launched.


Ultra fast, competitively priced. Top notch NVME. I use this for everything from boot drive to game files.

Video Card

picked this up used for $400 in June 2019 (around the same time that 20 series Super cards & Navi cards were launching). Felt that this was a great price for a great card, and it is running 1440p ultra at high FPS. Currently using it as an air cooled card, would love to water cool it, but not in the budget.


Super easy to build in, incredibly aesthetic, and decent airflow. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

Power Supply

80+ gold, fully modular, nice cables. Was able to buy for around $90 in July 2019. Highly recommend

Case Fan

Very aesthetic fans, they fit my build perfectly. one of my exhaust fans rattles a bit, I'll get around to changing it eventually. All fans are connected via molex, it was a little difficult to cable manage these, but I got it done.


Bought refurbished for $320 - unfortunately theres a white line near the top right of the screen. It doesn't bother me too much, but I took the risk when I purchased refurbished.

Hard to beat the price with GSync, 144 refresh, 1440p, and 27".

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  • 9 months ago
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Lookin good +1 Btw did you figure out how to change the colors on the r7 cooler? Which cables do I need to plug in. I have just the usb plugged in and the software says I have nothing plugged in

  • 9 months ago
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We're in the same boat then! I built it up and didn't realize there were two additional cables to plug in. I picked up a 240mm AIO for $20 last week, so I won't be pursuing the air cooler any more.

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

Ah dope. Yeah I'm probably gonna be upgrading my cooler at some point. It's not the best with temps