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Newegg Combos Added - Automatically Find The Best Combos For Your Part List

philip Oct. 30, 2012

I'm pleased to announce that PCPartPicker now supports Newegg combo deals for US and Canada!

Combo deals are important when trying to find the best deals, but with thousands available finding the best savings can be tricky and time consuming. To help with this, PCPartPicker automatically searches over 3,000 combo deals to find the permutation of deals that offer the greatest overall savings for your part list.

For a given part list, there may be a hundred or more different permutations of combo deals available. PCPartPicker evaluates each permutation of deals, factoring in the effects of those deals, prices from your preferred retailers, nearby local-only deals, promotions and coupon codes, mail-in rebates, taxes, and shipping. The best combination of deals is presented and broken down part by part, with a list of which promotions and combo deals offer the largest savings.

When you choose parts, combo icons indicate which parts offer combo deals - both in general and in combination with parts you've already picked out. Part detail pages also list which available deals.

With the initial rollout for this feature, it is currently limited to Newegg.com and Newegg.ca combo deals of only two items. Once I have a better idea of the extra load this will add on the server, I intend to support deals with three or more parts.

Support For Favorites, Case / Motherboard USB 3.0 Compatibility Added

philip Sept. 24, 2012

A number of highly requested features have recently been added:

  • Favorite parts - now you can mark parts as a favorite, and they will automatically bubble up to the top of their corresponding product category lists. You can also view all of your favorites and their prices on your favorites page.
  • Description/notes for saved builds - you can now add a description, notes, etc. onto saved builds. As with the description for completed builds, it accepts markdown (i.e. reddit style markup).
  • Case Front-Panel USB 3.0 - the list of cases can now be filtered by whether they have front-panel USB3.0 ports or not.
  • Motherboard / Case Front-Panel USB 3.0 Port Availability / Compatibility - now if you select a motherboard that has on onboard USB 3.0 headers, but the case does not have USB 3.0 front panel ports, you'll get a compatibility warning letting you know.

In addition, over the last few weeks over 1,000 additional parts have been added to the database. Well over 3,000 custom parts have also been linked up to newly added parts in the database (and more custom parts are being added/linked up at a fairly rapid rate).

Price Comparisons With Sales Tax

philip Sept. 14, 2012

If you live in the same state as a major retailer, the addition of sales tax can make a big difference in the total price of a build. With Amazon now charging sales tax in California (and starting in several other states soon), finding the cheapest prices is no longer a trivial task.

To solve this problem, PCPartPicker now provides fair price comparisons by allowing you to factor in sales tax rates for price calculations. On your preferences page, you can enter the sales tax rates for in-state retailers. Once those values are saved, all part pages, part lists, category lists, and markup will reflect the updated prices. When PCPartPicker chooses the cheapest price for a given part, it will automatically factor sales tax into account depending on the retailers and rates you have entered. (Note: sales tax rates are stored with your user account, so you will need to be logged in to have it included.)

New Integrated Power Supply Calculator, Power Supply Efficiencies

philip Sept. 12, 2012

A couple new power supply features just went live:

  • Power supplies now list their efficiency certification (i.e. 80 PLUS, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.) and can be filtered by this attribute
  • An integrated power supply calculator now provides estimated wattage for your part lists, as well as corresponding compatibility guidance (i.e. warns if the PSU is underpowered)

For the power supply calculator, it shows estimated wattage in the part list view (and also in the mini part list on category list pages). The wattage is a link, and if you click on it you'll get a dialog that explains the calculation breakdown. That way if you are curious how I arrived at the number provided, you can see it part by part.

I know that power supply calculation is an area of dispute and controversy... so I figured I'd dive right into that. But that's also where I would love to get your input and help. Is it overestimating? Underestimating? Does it need any need particular tweaks? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Usability Update To Saved And Completed Builds

philip Aug. 21, 2012

To improve usability I have removed the notion of an "active part list", and have also changed how saved and completed builds are updated.

Starting now, any changes made to a part list will not automatically update a saved or completed build. Instead, to update a saved or completed build, use the part list "Save As" button and select the build you would like to update. You can also save your part list to a new saved or completed build.

Before this update, you could switch the active part list to a previously saved or completed build. Then any changes made would be automatically be reflected in your saved or completed build.

In retrospect this was not a good design decision. I tried to make the currently active part list obvious, but in the end no matter what I did I couldn't make it visible enough. Changes to saved and completed builds were made accidentally because it wasn't clear that they were the active part list. I received a lot of feedback to this effect, so I sought out to fix things.

To remedy this problem, I reverted the part list editing behavior to be similar to how to it was prior to the previous changes. Changes made to a part list no longer automatically update a saved or completed build. Now if you want to update a previously saved or completed build, you can use the "Save As" button to either select a build and overwrite it, or create an entirely new saved/completed build.

This will hopefully prevent accidental changes to saved and completed builds. I apologize to anyone affected aversely by the previous strategy, and I appreciate your patience with me and the site as I find the best approach. I hope that this new system is safer, and in the end, more usable. As always, if you have feedback or suggestions, definitely let me know.