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ThoughtA's Build Guide: Enthusiast Gaming Build


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Comments (Continued)

KV3NU21 1 point 31 months ago

I was thinking about using it as the bottom case fan pushing air up in the case,where it wont be seen,but nevermind that because now i plan on going with the matte black/red nzxt s340 wich doesnt have a bottom fan placement so in that sense i don't know if i'll completely remove it from the case.The only problem i'm gonna have with the case is that the window side panel scratches way too easily and the scratches aren't removable.i saw some glass replacement for 32$ but im not willing to pay that much. Do you think i can remove it and put like some kind of clear coating on it so it won't get scratched?

Also do you have any recommendations on some similarly priced cpu coolers with similar performance levels with black or black/red fans? Or perhaps a 120/140mm AIO with maybe led on the cpu block but good price/performance ratio?

[comment deleted by staff]